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Welcome to the Skyrock POAs website.                 

We are a small Pony of the Americas (POA) show, sales and breeding facility located in the Southern California area. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have regarding POAs, the Pony for Youth, or assist you in finding the perfect pony for you or your child. 

Skyrock Hits the Spot wins FOUR 2018 Year End High Points with Washington POA Club

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Pony of the Americas

POAs are an American breed of pony developed in the 1950's by a group of forward looking horse enthusiasts who realized there was a need for a breed of large pony for children who had outgrown 'Shetland' type ponies yet weren't ready for full sized horses.

POAs today resemble small horses rather than large ponies, with Quarter Horse style conformation, refined heads, and spotted Appaloosa coat patterns. They stand between 46"(11.2 hands) and 56"(14 hands) at the withers.

Known for their calm temperaments and versatility, many POAs and their riders routinely show in Halter, Western, Trail, Reining, English, Jumping, Costume, Cart and Gymkhana all within a single day!

The Pony of the Americas Club has state clubs and chapters in most states. They are a Youth organization, catering to exhibitors 18 and under, with a few exceptions such as Halter, Adult Cart,  and the JPFC Pony classes designed to safely bring along young ponies. In addition, The National Office has just approved a new Adult Program of five classes where adults can show their POAs and earn points towards National Awards. POAC maintains  the registry, rulebook, and by-laws of the organization. POAC offers Regional Shows, an Eastern and Western Classic, and the prestigious International Show, as well as Register of Merit, POA Champion and Supreme Champion awards, among others.  They also offer a Hardship Clause, which allows a pony of unknown parentage- who meets the height and coloration requirements- to be registered as a POA and thus be allowed to compete at sanctioned shows.     

Company Profile

Skyrock POAs was founded by the mother-daughter team of Lisa Reckon and Judy Brown as a mission to  promote the POA breed and support the youth of the club. Originally in the Quarter Horse industry, Lisa and Judy ran a successful breeding program focusing on family pleasure horses registered with National Foundation Quarter Horse Association, promoting 90% and higher foundation bloodlines. 

As a result of a search for a calm, tractable mount for our lead-liner (then 2), our first POA was purchased, and over the course of two years, the Quarter Horses gradually moved out and the POAs moved in. 

Skyrock POAs is dedicated to the caring and nurturing of horses as well as supporting the mission and values of the Pony of Americas Association. Every foal born at Skyrock is imprinted and handled on a daily basis. Every colt or filly that leaves the property knows how to tie, bathe, stand for the farrier and vet, and trailer. Older ponies know considerably more. 

If Skyrock does not currently have a pony that is what your family is looking for, we will gladly refer you to other POA breeders and trainers to assist you in finding that special pony for you or your child. We promote the POA, and in doing so promote safety and family values in our business.



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General Information and Sales: ponies@skyrockpoas.com   
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