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                    For those of you who wanted to see our new costume for 2005, we give you Bubbie Zoffman!

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Bubbie Zoffman, world renowned Spot Remover, proprietor and sole owner of SpotZoff Incorporated, Spot Remover extraordinaire.   No job is too big or too small. 

All work guaranteed. Just remember …  “if you need the spots off, call SpotZoff!”


 dakotakaylacostume1stshow.JPG (256815 bytes)

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 Notice the whisk broom on the tail?

Not only is the costume new, so is the Pony. Mr Dakota Chisum is a work in progress in the story that Bubbie tells. As many Pony of Americas (POAs) have a variety of spotted coats, Bubbie comes to clean things up when she hears there are spots all over the show grounds.

Good luck to Bubbie Zoffman and Mr Dakota Chisum  with their new costume!

Note: The Bubbie Zoffman costume was shown through the 2008 season, helping two ponies achieve their Supreme Championships. It was then lent for 2009 to a family who won the International Open Costume Class wearing it. They offered to purchase it, and it now resides in AZ. Now I have to think of another brilliant idea!!

Note: The Bubbie Zoffman costume won at the 2012 Congress!

With the new costume now on tour, The Harry Potter, Buckbeak the Hippogriff and Hermione Granger costume has been retired after winning a World Championship, multiple Regional and California State Championships, 3 time winner of the William Heald Perpetual Trophy, 2 time Pony of Americas National Medallion Winner, and Register of Merit in Costume ROM(C).  Our mare, Driftwood Dixie (Dixie)  who was outfitted as Buckbeak, carried Harry and Hermione to these achievements. She also earned ROM(T)  ROM(NT)  ROM(C)  POA ROM Champion distinctions. 

HarryWorldarenashot.jpg (475022 bytes)
click photo for larger image of The Harry Potter,  Hippogriff and Hermione Granger costume