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Cal-State POAC

Cal-State POAC

What is a POA?
People often ask "What exactly is a POA?" Simply put, a Pony of the Americas is an Appaloosa colored pony standing 46 to 56 inches in height. Developed in the early 1950’s with children specifically in mind, these ponies are quieter, sturdier and more tractable than full sized horses, and are more suited to being a child’s best friend. Having long since outgrown the "spotted Shetland" look, modern POAs resemble small horses, with Quarter Horse type bodies and refined heads. A pony must exhibit an Appaloosa coat pattern to be eligible to show at POA sanctioned events, but many children and their ponies are very competitive on the Open Circuit as well. The POA Club Registry has a hardship clause which enables a pony who meets height and coloration requirements to be registered so that it is eligible to compete. Many POA Supreme Champions were hardshipped in...perhaps there’s one waiting in your back yard!
What is Cal-State POAC?
The Cal-State POAC is  the California State Pony of the Americas Club which operates under the umbrella of The Pony of the Americas Club, Inc, a national organization dedicated the the breeding, showing and promotion of this uniquely American pony. Cal-State offers its membership a yearly season of Nationally approved POA shows where ponies and their riders can compete for local, Regional and National points and awards. Through meetings, events and the Cal-State newsletter, club members can communicate, keep abreast of club happenings and remain informed about State and National affairs. Cal-State POAC shows have a relaxed, supportive, family oriented atmosphere where young riders can develop horsemanship, responsibility, dedication and sportsmanship skills along side their friends.


Contact us at ponies@skyrockpoas.com or on our Facebook page for more information about Cal-State POAC