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Copper has been SOLD

Skyrock Copper Operator

(Ultimate Bounce ROM(H) X Skyrock Copper Penny ROM(T)) 2012 Bay Blanket Gelding

2012copperkaylafuturitysmall.jpg (96900 bytes) 2012coperkaylafuturityshotsmall.jpg (104726 bytes) 2012coltsfuturitysmall.jpg (103504 bytes) jagger-copper-stacy2012futuritysmall.jpg (46849 bytes) 

(pictured @ 5 mos at the Cal-State Futurity (Res. Champion)

copperelizabethhalter4small.JPG (50339 bytes) copperelizabethhaltersmall.JPG (50232 bytes)   copperelizabethhalter3small.JPG (44923 bytes)   copperelizabethhalter2small.JPG (44649 bytes)

(Pictured at just shy of 2 years)

Can you say WOW - LOOK at that COLOR!?

This 3 year old gelding is spunky and smart! He will mature around 54-55, and be a super flashy performance bred pony who will also hold his own in Halter. He has a ton of athletic ability, and has shown us really tucked knees and hocks while jumping at play, so he has a real future over jumps! This gelding has awesome legs!

We feel Copper will excel in any physical division - trail class, jumping, gymkhana, obstacle course, Trail Trials, possibly even eventing. He is built for stamina, longevity, and is super correct. With the right partner, he could be part of an unbeatable performance team.

Penny has produced well for us - she has had 3 crosses to Bouncer and one to Indy's California Debut, producing good looking performance ponies. She has had a couple years off while she earned her ROM(T) and Cal-State Year-End High Point All Around Champion, so she now has credentials of her own! And, of course, Copper is by our multiple World and International Champion stallion, Ultimate Bounce.

To see pics of Copper's siblings, please go to the Foals page and look up Copper.

Skyrock Copper Operator at the 2012 Cal-State Futurity Show:

Res. Champion Weanling Colt

2 Reserve Grand Champion Stallions

Copper has been lightly started in Longe-line, free longing and word commands. Ties, loads, trailers, unloads, bathes and has been clipped. He is currently started under saddle at a walk and jog, and is riding the streets of Norco.


Copper has been SOLD.





Outside POAs & Horses   for sale

The following Horses & POAs are owned by friends and advertised here as a courtesy to potential buyers, as we at Skyrock frequently have only young stock for sale. Sometimes Skyrock-bred ponies are offered here, as advertising on our website is one of the 'perks' of purchasing a pony from us. These are all quality animals, honestly represented. Please contact the owner listed for more information on each horse or pony.





Skyrock MovesLikeJagger

(Ultimate Bounce X Miss Lacey Snow) 2012 Chestnut Snowcap Colt

2012jaggerstacyfuturitysmall.jpg (97376 bytes) jagger-stacy2012futuritynecksmall.jpg (51998 bytes)   

 Jagger is pictured at the August 2012 Futurity show @ 6 months old

Here is the colt everyone looks for! Jagger is a very well balanced homozygous colt - great legs, gorgeous neck and hip, super head! Congress quality colt! He will be very flashy on the rail, and for those looking to be producing colored foals in a few years, he is an outstanding stallion prospect. Mature 55-56". Sired by multiple World and International Champion Ultimate Bounce and out of a great producing daughter of St. Nik's Snowstorm.

Skyrock MovesLikeJagger 2012 Cal-State Futurity Show:

Champion Weanling Colt       2 Grand Champion Stallions!  This is his first show.

Jagger has been sold and is in his new home in Indiana.




RBR Bunbeatable

(JKB Supreme Scooter  X Dee's Diablo QT) 2002 Mare

Bunny is a very correct, large and gentle mare whose bloodlines are foundation Quarter Horse and modern POA. Bunny was bred by the Bagwells in OK, and is by their stallion JKA Supreme Scooter and out of Dee's Diablo QT, an AQHA mare. JKA Supreme Scooter is a black few spot POA stallion, double bred Tough Plaudit, who was one of the most prolific winning sires in POA history. He is #1 in the all-time POAC sireís list, and is the sire and grandsire of many, many World, National and International champions. Bunnyís AQHA pedigree shows many famous horses most notably some double Doc Bar breeding through Docís Prescription and Docís Wrangler, with some Poco Bueno, King and Hollywood Gold thrown in. Bunny was shown at POACís largest National Futurity in 2002 , where she was named Champion Weanling Filly. She was purchased as a four year old by Skyrock POAs, and bred to their POA stallion, Ultimate Bounce twice. This cross produced:

Skyrock Dressed In Red, a sorrel with blaze colt (later developed some color). This colt was shown at the Cal-State Futurity where he won Champion ID Weanling. Red was double registered POA/AQPA, and sold as a yearling.

Skyrock Shadowman, a loud black leopard colt. This colt was shown at the Cal-State Futurity and was Champion Weanling Colt. He was sold to the Fisher family who continued to show him at high levels. He achieved his ROM(H) and was well on his way to his Supreme when sold to another family.

pics of Bunny:

bunnyls.jpg (493694 bytes) bunnyrs.jpg (524030 bytes)

Bunny's two Skyrock Colts:

Skyrock Dressed In Redredstance.jpg (184894 bytes)   redleftside5mos2.jpg (396519 bytes) shadowbunny1weeksmall.jpg (35529 bytes) Shadow2011updatepicture.jpg (27397 bytes) Skyrock Shadowman

Bunny has sold to the Colyn family in Norco CA



Skyrock MovesLikeJagger

(Ultimate Bounce X Miss Lacey Snow) 2012 Chestnut Snowcap Colt


2012jaggerstacyfuturitysmall.jpg (97376 bytes) jagger-stacy2012futuritynecksmall.jpg (51998 bytes) jaggersnoozeattrailersmall.jpg (44527 bytes) jagger-copper-stacyleading2012futurity.jpg (50316 bytes) jagger-copper-stacy2012futuritysmall.jpg (46849 bytes)

 Jagger is pictured at the August 2012 Futurity show @ 6 months old

Here is the colt everyone looks for! Jagger is a very well balanced homozygous colt - great legs, gorgeous neck and hip, super head! Congress quality colt! He will be very flashy on the rail, and for those looking to be producing colored foals in a few years, he is an outstanding stallion prospect. Mature 55-56". Sired by multiple World and International Champion Ultimate Bounce and out of a great producing daughter of St. Nik's Snowstorm.

Lacey has been an awesome producer - she has an International Champion daughter, LVO Respect This Miss, who has herself been a dam of champions, and LVO Whole Lotta Respect, also a dam of champions. For Skyrock, Lacey has produced Skyrock MovesLikeJagger, Cal-State Futurity Champion, Skyrock Snowshoes, 2010 Res. Grand Champion Stallion at the West Coast Classic, and Skyrock Sable Rain, 2011 Res. Champion Futurity filly& 2012 Res. Grand Champion Mare at the South West Regional. 

Jagger has a laid-back, gentle personality, and could remain a stallion for his show career if you so desire. Currently at Competitor's Edge with Stacy Lair being fitted for the 2013 show season.

Skyrock MovesLikeJagger 2012 Cal-State Futurity Show:

Champion Weanling Colt

2 Grand Champion Stallions!

This is his first show.

Jagger has been sold and is in his new home in Indiana.



(Ultimate Bounce X Suncrest Lullabye) 2011 colt

max (7)frontviewsmall.JPG (40880 bytes) max (11)followinglullabyesmall.JPG (42783 bytes)

Full brother to Skyrock Hits the Spot, Max has the same coloring, conformation and presence as his Champion big brother.  He will win big. This colt has the potential to ROM(H) easily, then go on to become a Supreme Champion. Max already has his daddy's slow, amazing lope. Check out Rocky's yearling picture below. In 2012, that will be Max, (except Max will have MORE muscle) and he'll only get better. Will make a world class show gelding. Mature @ 56" with exceptional build.

Max2011futuritywinner.JPG (468776 bytes) 2011 Futurity Show

Max showed in August and is now the Cal-State Futurity Weanling Colt Champion

Max started his 2012 show season by taking home Grand Champion Stallion at the April 1 Show

max12SWRegGrandsmall.jpg (87432 bytes)

Max made a big impression at the South West Regional, April 14 & 15 in Scottsdale. He brought home Grand Champion Stallion, and had a lot of admirers come to his stall.  

Max already has 2 of his Grands towards his ROM(H) after his first two 2012 shows.

If you are interested in Max, please contact us and let's talk.

April 29th Show, Pepperglen, Grand Champion Stallion

May 5th Show, Exeter, Grand Champion Stallion

maxexetertrailsmall.jpg (105123 bytes) maxexetertrail2small.jpg (105746 bytes)

Max showing in his very first in-hand Trail class!

Max now has 4 of his 5 grands towards his ROM(H). He will be shown in Scottsdale this coming weekend by Shawn Wiest (thank you, Shawn!) and let's cross our fingers for that 5th Grand!

Yup- Grand Champion - Thanks Wiest Family!!


Max has been SOLD!

Congratulations Russell Family!





(Ultimate Bounce X Miss Lacey Snow) 2011 filly

sablenewbornsideviewsmall.JPG (40861 bytes) sablenewbornsnoozesmall.JPG (51873 bytes) newborn pics 

This black roan filly has the temperament you dream about. Pair it with her stunning good looks, and here's your once-in-a-lifetime show pony. She carries the blood of champions and will soon be one herself. Great head, legs and rear, plus the "black bonus"! Sable will roan slowly and keep much of her black coloring. She has frost over her rump plus a few snowflakes over her body, all characteristics including mottling. Full sister to Skyrock Snowshoes, who kicked butt his weanling year at the Western Classic. I like this filly a LOT! 

Sable took Reserve Grand Champion Mare at the 2012 South West Regional

 sable12SWRegResGrandsmall.jpg (93645 bytes)


After her fabulous South West Regional Show, (1st, Fillies 1 & Under, 1st, Yearling Longe Line, Res. Grand Champion Mare), Sable sold to the Holden Family of Oklahoma. She left after the show with her new boyfriends on either side of her trailer drop-down window - she was already the queen! Good luck with Sable - she is a great little mare! 

Please go to the Updates Page for more info on Sable.





(Ultimate Bounce X Suncrest Lullabye)

rocky2.jpg (142351 bytes) (2 days old)  kaylarocky2010futurityheadshotsmall.JPG (55700 bytes) (Champion Weanling Colt, Cal-State Futurity) rockyyearlingrside3small.JPG (58568 bytes) Yearling pic -at home just after another Grand win!


Bright bay with a perfect blanket and spots, this is the colored show pony you dream of!   By Ultimate Bounce ROM(H), World and International Champion, and out of International Champion Suncrest Lullabye, this colt is full brother to Skyrock Sunrise and Steppn Out With A Bounce. He really reminds me of Suncrest Tomcat, multiple World and Int'l Champion gelding, to whom he is related. Mature 55-56". 

9/4-5/10= At the Cal-State Futurity, Rocky was Champion Weanling Colt. He looked awesome, and was shown to his win by Stacy Lair of Competitor's Edge. This is a very pretty colt - an excellent show prospect. Buy him now, show him in Halter and LongeLine as a yearling, then expect to clean up in JPFC or Junior classes as he goes under saddle.

First Show of 2011 - Grand Champion Stallion!

Second Show 2011 - Grand Champion Stallion!

Are we seeing a trend??? 

$2800 obo - looking for a show home! Rocky will take you to the Top!

Rocky has SOLD!

Congratulations to the Lear family of Norco!


Skyrock Big Tyme Bounce

frankienewborn1small.jpg (37053 bytes)

Sheesh! Didn't even get a chance to show this one! Well, when you're gorgeous, you get noticed. Loud chestnut leopard son of Ultimate Bounce by a Santee Admiral bred mare, Big Tyme Model.  

Congratulations to the Gassmann family of Corona, CA on your new colt, and may you have a lot of fun showing and growing with Frankie!




Western Classic Res. Grand Champion

breninbodyshotlside3mossmall.JPG (36577 bytes) (pictured @ 3 mos.)  breninkaylajudge2010futuritysmall.JPG (44305 bytes) kaylabrenin2010futuritytrophysmall.JPG (42094 bytes) (shown at the Cal-State Futurity - Res. Champion)

A gorgeous, very correct son of Ultimate Bounce ROM(H), World and International Champion, and out of Miss Lacey Snow, multiple Champion producer by St Nik's Snowstorm. This colt has the "show me" attitude!  His first show was in Colorado -after a two day long haul, he brought home Res. Grand Champion Stallion. He was the only weanling in the field, and beat several more mature colts and stallions. He loads, hauls and overnights without stress. Ties, clips and bathes.  Brenin (Welsh for 'King') has a fabulous head and neck with a popping, lined eye that is the best I've ever seen. He has a great hip, straight legs and outstanding color. Because of his correctness and superior temper, he is a stallion prospect; or as a gelding would be an incredible 8&Under, 9-12 or petite rider 13-18 pony. We expect him to mature @ a well-built 54". 

9/4-5/10 = Brenin brought home Reserve Champion Weanling Colt at the 2010 Cal-State Futurity. He was a very good boy, and was shown to his Reserve by K. Brenin is the type of pony who will always be a standout in a crowd. He is correct, pretty and will be very competitive both at Halter and under saddle. He has the temperament to remain a stallion, and the quality to be a sire. Or he could just be the best show gelding in your barn. 

2010 National Standings - with very little showing, Brenin is 3rd in the Nation for Weanling Colts.

Brenin is nominated for the Yearling classes at the National Futurity in October 2011.  

  Brenin needs to be out beating the competition!


Skyrock Snowshoes has SOLD!

Congratulations to the Colyn Family of Norco!




(Color Me Big Tyme X Santee Spanish Model)

sandeekaylaresgrandclass2010.JPG (51338 bytes)

Sandee is a daughter of Color Me Big Tyme (Santee Admiral X Santee Pride) and out of Santee Spanish Model (Santee Spanish Nick X Santee Model). With her loud palomino color, she really stands out. Shown once (before going off duty to foal)by K, she won several of her W/J classes and placed in 3 gaited, plus was Res. Grand Champion Mare. Sandee produced Big Tyme Bounce (Frankie) for us, a loud chestnut leopard colt. Sandee was purchased for a family in Canada where she'll produce a Bouncer foal for them, and also become their show pony. (Loud buckskin leopard filly!)

Congratulations to the Baker Family!    



ROM(H) World Champion

(Santee Ace X Royal Shamrock)

 '94 POA mare, chestnut leopard.

Queen is a daughter of Santee Ace by Tough Plaudit and out of the great mare Santee Julie. Queen's dam is Royal Shamrock by Rated Royal and out of Hi Va Tough Lucy. Queen has her ROM(H), a World Championship and many many Grand Championships. She has a nice big body and the prettiest head in POA. We are delighted to be able to cross this fine mare on Bouncer and would like to thank Carol Keegan of Keegan Showhorses for this opportunity

  • FLASH!  Queen is in foal to Bouncer for an '07 foal. Her previous foals have all been fabulous, so we have high hopes for this cross. 

  • FLASH! Queen foaled a fabulous chestnut blanket colt, Skyrock Diamond Jim. See Foals page. 

  • FLASH! Thanks to Carol Keegan of Keegan Performance Horses who has allowed us to acquire Queen as one of our own Skyrock Mares! 

  • FLASH! Queen is in foal to Bouncer for an 2010 foal. (black blanket filly 5/9-see foal's page)


FLASH! Queen has been sold

 to Gilbert Hawkins where she will be one of the foundations of his broodmare band, and has her own pasture and barn. Gilbert is thrilled with her, and plans to show her foals.

  • FLASH! Queen has been bred to Bouncer for a 2011 foal.

                                                               Queen of Acescropped.jpg (193335 bytes) queen2010filly.jpg (140795 bytes) 2010 filly - black blanket and spots

                                                 click photo for larger image




Supreme Champion

(Zip N Gold X Miss Gold Chip)

"The Pony Formerly Known as Prince"

2000 sorrel roan with blanket, spots, hind stocking and blaze gelding

stoneykaylaintreesmall.JPG (40297 bytes)  stoneykaylaindiohussmall.JPG (36621 bytes) stoneykassieSouthwest Regionalsmall.JPG (30832 bytes) stoneybubbeSouthwest Regionalsmall.JPG (39511 bytes) StoneybarrelsSouthwest Regionalsmall.JPG (24646 bytes)

stoneykaylatrailbridge.jpg (78007 bytes) stoneykeaylafrontjog.jpg (67508 bytes) stoneykyleLL.JPG (41991 bytes)

"Stoney" is a great all-around pony for an experienced youth or an adult looking for a shorter, quiet mount. He recently earned his Supreme Championship at the Rocky Mountain Regional in Spanish Fork, UT. He has been shown by a youth for two years, earning all of the 2500 under saddle points needed, and many of the Halter points, too. He has been shown at Halter, Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, Costume (both Native American and Open), Trail and Gymkhana, and has also been shown Lead-Line and won the 2008 Lead-Line Championship for the State of California POAC with his Lead-Line rider. He has also been lightly street and trail ridden.  He has his PHC at 56", and is a very big boy, weighing 900-1000 lbs and able to carry an adult easily.  Regrettably for sale, as his rider is in an honors school program and needs to cut back on showing. 


Congratulations Brown family of Scottsdale!



Skyrock California Boy

(Indy's California Debut X Skyrock Copper Penny)

California Boy_1321small.JPG (28832 bytes) California Boysmall.JPG (27351 bytes) Pomona_NWRegional cowboy.jpg (662499 bytes)

What a cutie! Cowboy will mature a Medium (51-53") with an outstanding build. He is shedding to a spectacular blue roan with blanket and spots, so will be very flashy. He will Halter and then be a great All-Around pony! His sire is Indy's California Debut, a black few-spot by SBF Doc's Siri Plaudit, multiple World and International Champion stallion. Cowboy's dam is an Appaloosa X QH cross, a bright bay snowflake of Waggoner and Three Bars breeding. This colt will be a great kid's pony - very competitive and pretty with super correct legs, a tiny head and ears, and muscle everywhere! Will make an awesome cart prospect, too!

 Cowboy has SOLD! Congratulations to Gizelle Russell! Good Luck and have fun with Cowboy!


Skyrock Sunrise

(Ultimate Bounce X Suncrest Lullaby)

lullaby08filly1small.jpg (24770 bytes) sunnyrun.jpg (209092 bytes) Pomona_NWRegionalsunny2.jpg (486642 bytes) 

This bay few-spot filly will be an incredible show pony! She reminds me of Suncrest Ms. Tattletail, Hall of Fame, to whom she is related. Very sweet, friendly temperament; lovely floaty gaits, correct build - she will Halter, Longe Line and Ride - total Supreme Champion here! BONUS- she will produce color every time bred, so after her show career, she can produce the next generation of Champions! See Bouncer's page for his Championships.  Suncrest Lullaby was shown to several Grands and was International Champion 2yo Filly before a pasture accident cut her show career short. Lullaby has produced one other foal, a black leopard full brother to Sunny, who won the Cal-State Futurity as a weanling and is a gorgeous 3yo gelding now being shown in CA (see SteppnOutWithABounce below). This filly is HARD to let go! Winner of Cal-State Weanling Fillies Futurity Championship.


Congratulations to the Lesneski Family!



"Skyrock ShadowMan"

(Ultimate Bounce X RBR Bunbeatable)

shadowbunny1week2small.jpg (38342 bytes) shadowbunny1weeksmall.jpg (35529 bytes)

pictured at 1 week old

shadowrsidejulysmall.jpg (31508 bytes) shadowheadshotjulysmall.jpg (24450 bytes)

Shadow at 5mos

Black and white leopard colt out of the Winner of the nation's biggest Futurity and by  #1 in the Nation Halter Champion - International Champion and seven time World Champion (Halter AND  Pleasure). He is super correct in every way, and has a gorgeous head and neck, and the most outstanding coloration. He will ROM in Halter and Color without effort! However, we can see he has a floaty lope and lovely extended trot - this colt could be the all-around champion of your dreams. We expect he will mature 13.3 to 14 hands  with an awesome build.  Great color, great breeding, great conformation equals one great POA!

Shadow has SOLD!

Congratulations to the Fisher Family, you'll love Shadow! 


Skyrock Sequoia Tee

(Santee Saladin X Santee Misty Twist)

See a video of RusTee at www.youtube.com/skyrockpoas 

rusteemom1.jpg (245577 bytes) rustee2yosaddle2.jpg (515893 bytes)

This 2005 outstandingly colored gelding has amazing breeding. His sire, Santee Saladin is a legend: THREE time International Champion Senior English Pleasure; International Champion Senior Western Pleasure, International Champion Aged Stallion. POA ROM Champion. Multiple World Championships. 

His dam, Santee Misty Twist, is a daughter of  International Champion and International Champion Sire Santee Twister, and out of Show Champion and Proven Producer R Misty Stuff. Missy produced Skyrock Skipper Twist for us, World Champion Yearling Colt and International Champion Small Stallion Stakes Winner, who sold at 18 months for $6500.

RusTee himself, with very limited showing, was North West Regional Champion Weanling Colt, and Reserve World Champion Weanling Colt.  Modern build with rail horse movement - will make you look great in Equitation with his smooth ride, and later be super cute over fences.  He has a very sweet, loving personality, is easy to handle, and would make a terrific flashy Appaloosa, 4H, Pony Club or Open show gelding. 

RusTee has SOLD!

Congratulations Shannon Clark

of Shadow Creek Ranch!


Skyrock Diamond Jim

(Ultimate Bounce X Queen of Aces)

djheadshot.jpg (696509 bytes) djhaltershot.jpg (531900 bytes) 

Prepping for the Futurity at 5 mos

This is an OUTSTANDING colt  -  think about a son of Ultimate Bounce and Queen of Aces to top your breeding program!  This colt is correct, perfectly colored, beautiful head, excellent neck, nice hip, straight legs. Very modern in build, he is the real deal. Nominated SSF and Cal-State Futurities.

8/25&26/07 Cal-State Show & Futurity

WINNER :  Cal-State Futurity Weanling Colt

at that same show, 3 judges, several colts and stallions:

Grand Champion Stallion 

Two Res. Grand Champion Stallion  

9/15/07  IBC show:

1st Weanling Colts

Reserve Grand Champion Stallion

2nd Most Colorful

SOLD! Congratulations to Raul Caldera!


Skyrock Dressed In Red

(Ultimate Bounce X RBR Bunbeatable)

   redpipecorralbighip.jpg (40064 bytes)

Red pictured at home at 10 mos - check out that hip!

This colt is tops in the "cute" department. He has an adorable personality  -  sweet, fun loving and gentle.  He is currently registered POA ID and Quarter Pony. He has a tank of a build, very correct, and a cute face - he will Halter extremely well -  he has a tremendous hind end -  and go on to a successful career in All-Around. This is a Champion waiting to happen! Mature @ a very well muscled 13.3 to 14 hands. He is of high quality, has excellent conformation, is ready to go home with you.

8/25&26/07 Cal-State Show & Futurity

WINNER :  Cal-State Futurity Weanling ID Class Champion

Red has been SOLD!

Congratulations to the Sampo family of Fontana.


Skyrock RedHot ChiliPeppr

(Ultimate Bounce  X  Driftwood Dixie) May '06

   pepperrsidenose.jpg (404671 bytes)

This is Pepper at 17 mos. what a balanced build! She looks like a mature pony already.

This cute filly is going to be another Dixie! She will be a great 8 & Under and 9-12 pony. Pepper has pizazz yet is friendly, always nickers and comes up to be petted, has been walked on Norco streets and has done better than the "grown up" ponies! She has had the shoer trim her, has been groomed and had baths and stood very well. She has been trailered, and ties without fuss  - even the very first time!  She is currently sorrel, and will eventually roan out like her mom. She already has white hairs showing all over her body, and has sclera, hoof stripes and some mottling. Pepper has a well balanced muscled build and should do well in Halter before she's broke to ride. She also has very handy movement, and a sweet lope. We expect her to mature right around 13.2 or 3, with a sturdy build. Her sire and dam are both International and World Champions (see Mare's page and Bouncer's page) and I can't say enough about Dixie - the ultimate 8 & Under pony who took our daughter to two World Championships, several Regional Championships, and many, many year end high points. In my opinion, Pepper will be better! She'll be super cute on the rail and has the power and agility for games and over fences. She also has the potential for breeders: for those looking to improve their broodmare band - a daughter of Ultimate Bounce, with St Nik's Snowstorm on the bottom! According to the latest research in appaloosa color patterns, minimal color horses with a leopard parent often throw loud colored foals. Breed her for a couple years, then break her for show when that roaning shows up.

Pepper has been SOLD!

      Congratulations to the Deaville Family of Lake Elizabeth, and Good Luck with Pepper!



"Skyrock Sienna"

siennaheadshotyearling.jpg (89768 bytes) siennayearlingshowpic.jpg (33456 bytes)

(foaled 5/22/06)   A lovely bay filly with a star and characteristics, Sienna has all the earmarks of a fabulous rail pony: great legs, long neck and sweet movement.  She also has a pretty head with a sweet face. Skyrock Copper Penny, Sienna's Dam, is a bay snowflake, so we expect Sienna to come up with some spots as she grows. This is a real good one, and a great way to wrap up the season! 

update: Sienna has white spots popping up all over! She is a true "snowflake" pattern and we expect much more color to come! 


  • FLASH! Sienna showed for the first time at SCPOAC's IBC show at the McCoy Center. After winning her halter class, she also won Junior Champion and then took Reserve Grand Champion Mare, at age 9 mos. Thanks to Stacy Lair for fitting and showing our pretty girl.


  • FLASH! Sienna showed at the Cal-State Ponyrama & B&P weekend at Indio and took 1st in Halter, 1st in Yearling Longeline and Junior Champion under all three judges!


  • FLASH! 8/25&26/07 Cal-State Show & Futurity


  Cal-State Futurity Yearling Filly

Cal-State Futurity Yearling Longeline

 Reserve Grand Champion Mare 

Sienna Has Been SOLD!!

Congratulations to Elaine Angle of New Jersey! 


Skyrock Golden Shadow 

  Shadowheadshot.JPG (26175 bytes) Shadowleftsidecloseup.JPG (32745 bytes)

Shadow has been sold! 

Congratulations Lupian Family

2001 Golden Palomino Quarter Cross Mare

This stunningly colored 14.3 hand mare is every girl's dream! Sweet and willing, she is very much a "people horse", loving attention. She has been professionally started under saddle, is currently in training, and we feel she would be great for an upper level Pony Clubber looking for a project,  a 4Her,  a teen or lady who trail rides or shows Open, or a lighter gentleman looking for a flashy ride. Shadow is very fancy with her gold coat, white mane and long tail, blaze and 3 socks. She also has fancy movement, and would look super cute over fences. She will get you noticed and will always be the prettiest horse in the crowd, whether you're trail riding, showing or leading the parade. Shadow also has nice conformation and would cross well for Sport Pony or half Arab. Shadow is sound, current on all shots, including WN and strangles, wormings and trims, and has recently had her teeth done by Brian Borg AED, so she is fit and ready to go to a great new home!


Skyrock Bouncin' Jack Brown 

(Ultimate Bounce X Skyrock Copper Penny)

jackextended.JPG (30522 bytes)

Jack has been SOLD!

Congratulations to Brittany B. of Norco. Have fun with Jack! He's a great pony!

This black bay gelding has exceptional conformation and style.  Jack will eat up the competition in English and jumping. His form at a jump during play is breathtaking, and he has the same gorgeous movement Bouncer has. He is also quite the character, playing with his arena toys and drawing a crowd at our fence! You'll always be amused by this pretty gelding, when he's not busy winning all the trophies at every show!

Sire Ultimate Bounce is a multiple Regional Grand Champion, International Champion, multiple World Champion, Western and English Futurity Winner and #1 3yo Stallion in the Nation. Grandsire Bounce Back Jack is an International Grand Champion by ApHC Another Bounce and out of OZs Sweet Speculation- twice International Grand Champion Mare and in the POA Hall of Fame. Dam Skyrock Copper Penny is a Hardship Registered mare, by a Quarter Horse of Waggoner and Three Bars breeding and out of a black leopard Appaloosa mare. Penny has had very limited showing due to lack of a rider, but has Regional Halter Points (placed over the then current World Champion mare). 




  • Gold's Mistie Acappella

Bonnie has been SOLD! Congratulations to the Jenkins Family of Idaho. Good Luck with Bonnie and your boys!

'94 POA mare, 55  7/16"  PHC, chestnut roan/flax  with a star. Bonnie is by Gold's Acapello by Supreme Champion Touch Of Gold. Her sire line has Supreme and International Champions all over it, and her dam's sire is ApHC . Bonnie threw a beautiful chestnut with big blanket colt in 2002 (by an AQHA).  Bonnie is very well broke and has a knack for Jumping and Gymkhana. We are currently showing her in English flat and Jumping, Western, Costume and Gymkhana. 

  • FLASH!  Bonnie and her rider scored big at their first show, a March weekend with a Ponyrama and a B&P, stacking up 140 Timed and 45 NT points towards their ROMs.     

  • FLASH! Bonnie and her rider again did well at SCPOAC's May 2nd Show, an "A".  27 Non-Timed, 40 Timed, and what the heck, we threw her into Halter and guess what? she picked up 8 points! Bonnie looks like she has a natural flair for games, doing everything her rider asks and keeping a cool head while she's at it. We're shooting for her ROM(T).

  • FLASH! Bonnie has picked up her first Regional Points while attending the South West Regional in Tulare,  June 5&6. Winning both Native and Non-Native Costume was a thrill, and we debuted Bonnie and her rider's new Open entry:  A Cleaning Service -- for removing those troublesome spots! Very funny, and the Judge thought so too! Bonnie also took 4th out of 7 in Large Mares, doing very well in good company, as all of the mares entered were nice. Western and English flat classes all had placings, and we had two more wins plus some good placings in Games. Next show, August 14.

  • FLASH!  The August 14 show went well, with Bonnie winning Costume and picking up some good placings in the rail classes. She also took FIVE firsts in Games. Her total points for this show: 23 NT and 40 T !

  • FLASH! Bonnie had a busy weekend! Showing at the Fairplex in Pomona, she took home eight first place trophies, plus a slew of other placings. Bonnie earned another 61 NT and 155 T points, bringing her total to 988 points in less than one season! We fully expect her to break 1000 before our last show Oct 30. Bonnie (so far) has earned nearly 50% of her Timed Points and 25% of her Non Timed points towards her ROMs. We are very proud of her and her rider's accomplishments!

  • FLASH! At the September 18 and October 30 shows, Bonnie and her rider scaled back a bit on the classes (mostly due to Mom's schedule!) However, out of a combined 12 classes, there were five first placings and three seconds, with a smattering of other placings, bringing Bonnie's 2004 year-end total of points earned to 1127! She is more than half-way to her ROM(Timed) and almost a third of the way to her ROM(Non-Timed). Show season is over and Bonnie is now available for a new home. She is currently continuing her street breaking -coming along well!- and being Mom's trail pony.

  • FLASH!  Bonnie and her rider scored big time at the 2004 Awards Banquets for Cal-State and SCPOAC (held January 2005) : Cal-State High Point 9-12 Winner in Gymkhana, and a 5th in Western Riding - very nice, considering they only competed in 2 of the 5 categories available for placing in Western!   and...   At the SCPOAC Banquet, Bonnie was High Point 9-12 Gymkhana and High Point Combined Costume, and the winner of the William Heald Perpetual Trophy. Great Job, Girls!

  • FLASH! Bonnie earned a National Medallion in Costume for 2004!

  • FLASH! Bonnie showed at the SCPOAC/Cal-State weekend at the Fairplex April 9&10, and just had a great time with a friend from school riding her for us. Bonnie did very well in Costume wearing the Navajo outfit, gave a respectable showing in the rail classes and cleaned up in Games, sweeping 14 of the 15 classes. Bonnie earned 45 NT points and 146 T points, bringing her total to 316 NT and 974 T. Bonnie is now 2/3 of the way to her ROM(T), and 1/3 of the way to her ROM(NT).

  • FLASH! Bonnie showed at the Western Classic in Hurricane, Utah in Costume and Games , picking up 44 NT Regional Points and nearly 200 Timed Regional Points, bringing her totals to 410 NT points (117 Regional) and 1261 Timed (400 Regional). Bonnie needs only 239 local Timed Points for her ROM(T). On Sunday, Bonnie was purchased by the Jenkins family of Idaho, who think she'll be perfect for their three boys and occasional rides with mom. They plan to breed Bonnie to Bouncer in 2006. Congratulations!


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