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On loan to us as a "foster pony", Roddy is a super cute WelshXMini gelding. He is 9 years old, black as can be, with a blaze, two hind stockings and a front coronet. He may have been a show pony at some point in his life because he clips and trailers very well, but he has not yet been evaluated for riding or cart (which he may be trained for). Roddy is available for adoption through TIER, True Innocents Equine Rescue, and he can be visited here at Skyrock.

Roddy arrived Friday morning, was bathed and clipped Saturday and went to his first show with us on Sunday. Whew! He was a little girl magnet at the trailer, let me tell you!

roddypepperglen1small.jpg (112284 bytes)

Roddy has been Adopted!


Mr Royal Tee

(Santee Saladin X Suncrest Kandi Bar)

35 degrees - can you tell??  kaylajoeytryout10.JPG (37576 bytes) kaylajoeytryout9crop.JPG (34461 bytes) What a face!

"Joey" is the newest addition to Skyrock. He's a 56" brown varnish roan. This super cute gelding has been leased by Skyrock for K's last show season. He's a sweetie, and K expects to have a fun year. He comes from impeccable breeding - his sire is POA ROM Champion and Multiple International Champion Santee Saladin, and his dam is a POA legend - Suncrest Kandi Bar, Supreme Champion and International Versatility Champion.  Joey is no slouch - he has won at the National level when shown by Kan Win POAs,  (has his ROM(H)) and has spent the last few years as a reining cow horse for a former POA family. We are very happy to have him at Skyrock!

  • First show for K and Joey a HUGE success!!  Grand Champion Gelding was followed by 1sts and 2nds in every class all day, including 3 Trail classes! K and Joey ended up 13-18 High Point for the day! Now THAT'S a good show day! 

            joeykaylatrailpolessmall.JPG (51521 bytes) joeykaylasinglepolesmall.JPG (45617 bytes)

  • Second show of 2011 - another Grand Champion Gelding, and Reserve High Point for the day. Can we see a trend here? K and Joey are rocking! Joey looks great thanks to Stacy Lair of Competitor's Edge, where he is getting all his spa treatments and beauty sleep.

  • Year End results: K and Joey took home: 

                                                        Year End High Point Halter Gelding

                                            Gelding Stakes Award

                                             All-Around High-Point 13-18 Buckle

            We are so proud of K and Joey and the spectacular year they had!  

kaylajoeyheadhug.jpg (119700 bytes)

Farewell Joey! After a great year, Joey is returning to his family. We so appreciate his lease - he was great to work with and a true Champion at the shows with K!


    CR Classic Quincy Dan

Danny is a gorgeous dun with blanket and spots gelding who stands at 56" and about 1000 lbs. We have Danny on lease from Katy Matlock and Karly Morgan of Heaven Sent POAs. Danny's a BIG boy, and can carry James without breaking a sweat. James has braved the show ring and has ridden in a few classes - yay James!

dannyshannonSWRegGrand.JPG (25792 bytes)Danny with Shannon Clark earning Grand Champion Gelding at the Scottsdale 2009 SW Regional

dannyjamesswreg2010ridingclasssmall.jpg (28619 bytes) Danny & James at the Pomona SW Regional, 2010

jameskaylaswreg2010lineupsmall.jpg (22418 bytes) James on Danny, K on Penny competing in Western Pleasure Open at the 2010 SW Regional.


After a really fun year, Danny has gone back home to Heaven Sent POAs. Thanks so much for letting us have him for 2010! 


Mr   Dakota   Chisum, Supreme Champion 

(JW Chisum X World Of Pleasure)

dakota2yotrailwinsmall.jpg (65849 bytes)  Dakota at his 2yo In Hand Train Win, POAC International

dakotakayla.jpg (126504 bytes) Dakota upon his arrival at Skyrock

(click photos for larger image)

Dakota is a 2000 chestnut sno-cap gelding with four stockings and a big blaze, and our new Jr.Pony. He already has his ROM(H) and he won the International 2yo In-Hand Trail class. We purchased him from the Wentland family of MN, and we are so happy to have him here at last! The Wiest family picked him up from the IA POA Sale for us, and say he is such a sweet boy, and even on his first day, we can tell that's so. Plans for Dakota begin with Jr. Pony classes next season, and a trip to the World Show (OR) in August. The best news: he's perfect for our Costume - No Spots!

Dakota's sire, JW Chisum,  a producer of numerous International class winners, is a son of East Acres Tough To Beat by East Acres Double Tough (Premiere Sire, ROM(NT) ROM(T)). Tough To Beat also sired East Acres Chip O Tough and Double Shot.

We are very excited to add Dakota to our barn. Thank You Don & Mary Wentland!


  • Dakota attended his first show with us October 30'05. We had no plans to show him (being a fuzz ball and not having enough time with his new rider to develop consistency) but he was SUCH a good boy at the trailer all day, that after riding around a bit with Bonnie (splashing through the puddles left by the recent rains), we entered him into the gymkhana classes to see if he could walk/jog the patterns. After one "this is fun!" crow-hop fit ... weathered very well by his rider... he performed every pattern flawlessly and with such a willing attitude we were amazed. Dakota now has his first 65 Timed points! 

  • Dakota and his rider have started the new season at SCPOAC's March 12th "A" show. They did very well in tough competition, and looked really great competing! Dakota and his rider took 4 firsts, three seconds and several other placings out of a 10 class day, and made us very proud at his "official" debut, garnering many compliments from other competitors. Dakota earned his first NT points under our ownership - 39 to be exact, and another 36 timed points to bring his total to 101. We are most proud of a 2nd in a very tough Western Pleasure class - this team is on it's way!    

  •  dakotakaylawestern1stshow.JPG (292021 bytes)

  • Dakota and his rider had a busy weekend at the SCPOAC/Cal-State shows at the Fairplex! Showing in Costume, English  and Western Pleasure and games, the pair racked up 106 Non-Timed points, including four firsts and two seconds, and 124 Timed points. He was a doll all weekend, and the pair received many compliments. Once again, they earned a 2nd in a really tough WP class, looking just great out there. 

  • Dakota has been on R&R recently to get over a sole bruising, and he came back to show with his partner at the North West Regional and the POA World Show in Eugene Oregon. They showed Costume only, as they have had no time to ride while Dakota was recovering, and we didn't want to push him. At the NW Regional, Dakota took Reserve Champion in Non-Native Costume, and Champion in Native. Showing the same two classes at the World Show, Dakota and his rider took two Reserve World Championships. Between the four classes, Dakota accumulated 86 Regional/World non-timed points. He will show on a very limited basis to finish off the season, then have a couple more months of R&R and gentle riding to bring him back to top form. The pair are looking at Trail and Western Riding as their new areas of interest for the 2006 & 2007 seasons.

  • Dakota showed Costume and Games at the Cal-State's last show series of the year, Aug.27&28 at the Fairplex in Pomona. Dakota earned a total of 36 NT points towards his ROM, and a total of 95 Timed points - earning the 9-12 Gymkhana High Point for the weekend, despite taking it easy. Next show is the Silver Buckle Series Sept 17 & Oct 22.

  • Dakota and his rider had a great 2005 season, and ended up with a couple of top placings at the Year End Awards. Dakota took first place in Cal-State 9-12 Gymkhana, which both he and his rider love. And in the SCPOAC Year-End Awards, another first in Combined Costume, and another year of proudly owning the William Heald Perpetual Trophy. Congratulations, you two!

  • Dakota started the '06 season off running. Literally! At the March 13 show, he won 5 out of 5 gymkhana classes, and his total take of the day: eight classes: six firsts, a third and a fourth. Not too shabby! Dakota is a Senior Pony now, and has graduated to a shank bit. (bleh!)

  • At the Cal-State Ponyrama April 8 & 9,  Dakota placed in many classes and won a few as well, earning High Point 9-12 Games, as well as 219 Timed points and 77 Non-Timed points! Wahoo!

  • The 2006 South West Regional was a tough one! Held at the beautiful Earl Warren showgrounds in Santa Barbara, Dakota had some pretty stiff competition. However, at the end of the weekend, he had earned a Reserve High Point in 9-12 games, 202 Regional Timed points and 85 Regional Non-Timed points. Also - a very proud placing in an extremely tough English Pleasure class. Congratulations! 

  • At the 2006 Rocky Mountain Regional and the Western Classic held June 27-July1, Dakota held his own, picking up a Championship at the Regional and a Reserve Championship at the Classic, plus numerous assorted other placings. He did so well, in fact, that he has completed ALL his requirements for his ROM Timed, and all his Regional requirements for his ROM Non-Timed, and has less than 100 points to go for his Supreme! We are super pleased with his performance, and especially with a couple of Western Pleasure placings that were VERY tough to get with the top level competition in his classes. Utah POAC put on a very nice show, and the Classic ran smoothly as well. In addition to all Dakota's exciting news, the Rocky Mountain POA Sale was held between shows on Thursday evening, and we somehow came home with TWO ponies instead of one. Zip N Chip Prince (see his info below) came up for bid, and the price was so good, we couldn't resist. Now if we can only find room...

  • Dakota has finished up this season very close to his Supreme - we expect he'll earn it at his first show of the next season - and he's also only 6 points away from an ROM in Costume as well! He's a great guy and watch here starting in February for further updates!

  • At 2007's first show, 2/24 at the McCoy Center, Dakota took another first in Costume and then did a great job in Lead Line with Kassie Heitman - who placed 2nd in her first ever LL Equitation class! She has the 'princess'  attitude, all right!  Congratulations to both.


  • 2008: Dakota is loafing in the pasture over at Mom's while Stoney is campaigned towards HIS Supreme. Mom says he is thoroughly enjoying himself!  We may pull him off vacation for the August show, and let Kassie ride her ol' bud Dakota there.

  • Dakota has been leased for the 2008-2009 season.

  • Dakota is home from his lease - they loved him, and credit Dakota with instilling the confidence in their little rider which enabled her to move up to their own big Appaloosa mare. Congrats, and thanks for taking care of Dakota!

  • Dakota is available for lease - looking for a family with lead-liners, walk-joggers and simple 3 gaiters.

  • Dakota has been leased by the Russell family of Hemet for the 2010 Show Season. Congratulations, and I'm sure Dakota will be REALLY happy working with you!

  • Dakota has been leased again by the Russells! Good Luck for the 2011 Season!

  • Dakota has been leased to the Machado family for the 2013 Show Season. He and his rider have really hit it off and have already shown at a couple shows last fall. Good Luck!

dakota+allyhandgallopsmall.jpg (38650 bytes) DakotaAllyjumpsmall.jpg (45402 bytes) how's this for a kid who was afraid to canter? Go Dakota!!

  • Dakota and Ally Machado had a fabulous year! Mr Dakota did what he does so well, and took a rider who was timid because of falls from a couple of naughty ponies (not POAs!!) and, over the course of the year, turned her into a confident, strong rider. In fact, he did his job so well that Ally is now showing EVENTING on a warmblood, and Dakota has put himself out of a job (again). Ally and Dakota had a great Year-End Awards haul: 

    High Point 9-12 Silver Buckle

    1st Western

    1st Gymkhana

    2nd English Flat

    and several other placings. Congratulations, Ally and Dakota, and good luck Ally in your new discipline!


  • Dakota has been leased by the Barone family of Norco for their daughter, Kadence. Kadence needs some confidence to reach the next level, and Dakota (the Wonder Pony) is right there to give it to her. She plans to show walk/jog this year and may keep Dakota through the following year for 3-gait. We have already seen several postings on Facebook of the really fun looking trail rides the pair has been on - they look like they are having a blast! Good Luck Dakota and Kadence!



Zip N Chip Prince, Supreme Champion

(Zip N Gold X Miss Gold Chip)

"The Pony Formerly Known as Prince"

2000 sorrel roan with blanket, spots, hind stocking and blaze gelding

Stoneycatalogshot.jpg (24352 bytes)

click photo for larger image

Purchased at the 2006 Rocky Mountain Regional Sale from Chris McMullin of Utah, "Stoney" (so named because of his veeerrryy slow movement - like the stones that are pushed by wind across the desert floor) is an unexpected but welcome addition to our barn. A very big boy, at 56" (PHC) and weighing in at about 1000 lbs, he will easily carry any member of our family. Stoney is a full brother to JKB Zip's Gold Nugget, World Champion and Res. International Champion palomino leopard mare currently owned by the Turner family of California. Stoney had a very successful early career, winning the Utah Select Sire Futurity, then going on to be Utah State High Point Gelding as a Yearling and a Two-Year-Old, capturing many Grands and Reserves. He was shown JPFC by Jordan Gardner and won the World 2yo JPFC Championship in Western Pleasure and was Reserve World Champion in HUS, Trail and 2yo Geldings. Jordan gave him a tune up before the Rocky Mtn Regional, and Stoney won all the 19 & Over classes he entered.

We are very grateful to Chris McMullin for allowing us to purchase Stoney at the Sale for far below his value. She knew of us by reputation, and decided Stoney would do well with our family here in CA being shown in POA, and let him go for the bid we held. We sincerely hope to prove her right with this big sweet guy!  Thanks also to Jordan Gardner for the tune-up and for helping us with our first ride on Stoney, and for the tips on his personality. Stoney is now home in Norco, checking out the girls and thinking about liking the dogs.

  • Stoney has his first Regional Timed points! Saturday afternoon, the decision was made to walk/jog Stoney through the four 9-12 games classes that were scheduled at the end of the Classic. We were hopeful that he might take an eighth in one. However, Stoney was so willing to trust his rider that he placed in 3 of the 4 classes, and not last either! Knowing nothing about gymkhana patterns, he was successfully able to run a Flags pattern (and if you know Flags, you know how a new horse can be terrified of those little waving monsters!), a Keyhole pattern and took a 3rd (!) in Handy Horse. Stoney now owns  59 Regional points and 128 total points in Games. A Supreme is just around the corner!


  • At the August 5th show at Ridge Riders, Stoney stepped in for Dakota who bonked himself and got sidelined, and he and his rider did pretty well considering they hadn't had much time together. Several placings over the course of the day netted Stoney 69 Timed and 14 Non-Timed (his only NT class) points, plus 13 Halter points. Not too shabby!


  • At the last show of the season, a Ponyrama at Yucaipa, it was a "fun" day - Stoney was ridden in Games and scored very well - coming in Res.Hi Point in Games for the day! He earned an additional 108 Timed Points towards his ROM!


  • Stoney had a "fun" day at our first IBC show - 2/24 at the McCoy Center. At least it was fun for Kayla - Stoney would have rather kept napping! Running games with Kayla, Stoney earned another 85 points towards his ROM.


  • Stoney did a great job at the IBC on 3/31/07. Showing in Halter with Stacy Lair, he just missed a Res. Grand, being placed 3rd over-all. However, it really gave us hope that he will eventually nab that last Reserve for his ROM Halter. He looked great, having spent three weeks at Stacy's getting some of the famous 'Fat N Hairy Farms' blubber trimmed off. Next show!! He and his rider went on to place in several classes, including their first ever Trail class - they were awesome! Stoney did MUCH better than anticipated and surprised us all - wow -maybe Trail is his forte'! Who knew? Anyway, a very successful show.


  • At Cal-State's Ponyrama and B&P weekend at Indio on 4/21&22, Stoney found he had an extended trot! He placed much better in his HUS classes than ever before - even placing in Senior with tough competition! He also took two 1sts and a 2nd in Costume, and earned a total of 89 non-timed, and 117 timed points, plus another 35  Halter points towards his ROM(H). 


  • At SCPOAC's Open Gymkhana at Liberty Oaks 5/6, Stoney and his rider took home the 13-18 High Point Trophy and earned another 94 points towards his ROM(T). He's now more than 1/2 way to this goal.


  • What a great weekend we had!! At the Ponyrama and B&P at Casner Ranch in Temecula (5/26&27), Stoney picked up the final Grand he needed for his ROM(H)! We were very pleased, but not as pleased as we were the next day, when Stoney and his rider WON Senior Hunter Under Saddle - a full class with very tough competition, and then went on to WIN Hunter Under Saddle 13-18, another full class,  both classes against some of the best Rider/Pony teams in the South West.  All the kids cheered for them, and boy, was it great! Stoney also showed Lead-Line for Kassie and then gave 'pony rides' to some of her little friends who came to cheer them on. Stoney is now 2/3 of the way to his ROM(T)(+155 points), and 1/3 of the way to his ROM(NT)(+134 points)  after this very successful weekend.

                                                              kaylastoneyWPcasner2small.jpg (28151 bytes) 

                                         K & Stoney all dressed for Western Pleasure


  • We had a very short show at the McCoy Center on 6/16/07. K had an 8th grade end of the year swim party to attend, so we just came for Costume (1st) and Halter (Reserve Grand) and then Stoney was Leadline pony for Kassie - 2nd in Eq. in a full class  --  yay Kassie!! Then some Leadline games fun, with a couple more 2nds and a 6th (that Stoney, what a speed demon!) Next CA show will be end of August, but Stoney may attend The Western Classic in Utah without us, under the guidance of Crystal Polley of CNC Showhorses. We can't go because it's K's graduation day smack in the middle of the show, but the Polley's have offered to show Stoney for us.


  • We owe a big "Thank You" to Crystal Polley of CnC Showhorses, who hauled and showed Stoney for us at the Western Classic the last week of June. He placed well in Halter, earning several more points towards his ROM(H), and then went on to place in Senior HUS and Senior Western Pleasure, racking up those Regional rail points for us! Then 'Mr Blazin' Hooves' picked up three placings in the very tough Games competition against some super fast ponies. Hurrah!


  • Wow - What a weekend! The Cal-State Show and Futurities were this August 25&26, and aside from Stoney in the regular classes, we had 3 other ponies entered in the show and Futurities! Whew! Anywayyyy... Stoney earned another Grand Championship and enough points to qualify for his ROM(H)!! He also won several classes and had placings in many others, boosting his NT points to above the 1/2 way point, and his T points to almost within reach of his ROM(T).  He was a very tired pony, as he'd been home from the trainers for almost 2 months, and had way too much R&R for his own good. K says it took a lot of leg to keep him moving out in HUS. Poor boy! Well, one more show for the season, and we'll be applying for his ROM(H) in the fall, once all points have made it to the National Office.

                                                                    8-24-07costume lineup stoney.jpg (383221 bytes)

                         If you look very carefully at the pair on the far right, you'll see what Stoney thinks of getting up early enough for Costume Class!


  • Last show of the season! Stoney & K showed Halter (for old time's sake) and I'm not sure if Stoney figured out that he didn't really need the points, but he was "Mr. Stinker" instead of "Mr. Suave" in the Halter Ring, and just scraped a 6th! Anywaaaaayyy - he did well in his other classes with a win and several placings for K, and again he carried Kassie to a 2nd in LeadLine Equitation and several placings in LL Games.  After his first complete show season with K, Stoney now has his ROM(H) -  594 Non-Timed Points and 1377 Points in Timed. We are SOOO Proud of them!!  Next season: the Target is a Supreme!


  • We started the 2008 show season off easily: rail classes only for the March 15th Ponyrama held in Indio.  Stoney and K gathered 65 Non-Timed points over their five classes (double judged), so we are pleased. Stoney and Kassie H. won their LeadLine Equitation class, and were High-Point LeadLine for the show!


  • The 2008 South West Regional Show was held at the HITS facility in Indio on April 26 & 27. We did have a big Music Festival taking place on the polo grounds right next door - so that was a bit of a bother traffic/noise level wise, but other than that, the weather was very nice - just this side of hot, with a gentle breeze, and the grounds are very pleasant.  Stoney and K rode their little hearts out, and had a very good show (ignoring the meltdown in Trail for who knows what reason!) Stoney wore the "Bubbie Zoffman" costume in Open for the very first time, and he was perfect! Other than Trail, it was an incredibly successful weekend, with Stoney earning 132 Regional NT points and 169 Regional Timed points! They are heading towards that goal of a Supreme full speed ahead!


  • Cal-State's May 10th IBC Show was a great success for Stoney and K! They won Country WP and 13-18 HUS, both against very tough pony/rider teams. They rode in Senior Trail and 13-18 Trail and totally redeemed themselves with very acceptable go's. They even took a couple of firsts in GAMES! ('ol "Blazin Hooves" Stoney!). Kassie H. and Stoney again scored over-all LeadLine HIgh Point, so they were thrilled! With another 95 NT and 75 T points, Stoney and Kayla are down to needing only a handful of Regional points in Timed and Non-Timed for their Supreme. Our plans are to attend the Rocky Mountain Regional in June and the North West Regional in August.


  • K and Stoney had a terrific May 31st show - they had been working very hard on his English Pleasure and in the 3 English Pleasure classes, they took 1st, 1st,  and 2nd! AND... They also took 13-18 high point in games. Stoney was also a real trooper for Lead-Line, taking High Point with his little rider Kassie, and also carrying little brother Kyle AND their friend Kayla. What a successful day!


  • Rocky Mountain Regional in Spanish Fork UT. ZIP N CHIP PRINCE: SUPREME CHAMPION!   What a great show! We brought two other girls and their ponies from SoCal, and the girls just had a blast! Stoney and K won a Championship in Costume, wearing the Navajo outfit plus our neighbor's necklace of arrowhead and eagle claws given to her by her Native American father. What an honor!  Stoney & K also won a bunch of Res. Championships in several other classes. They took a Reserve in Country Western Pleasure (big class!), HUS 13-18 and another in Senior HUS, and two in games in full classes! They did so well that they Supremed at this Regional instead of needing to show at the NW Regional in August (we still plan to go). It was a loooong trailer ride and the truck cab was a tight squeeze, but everyone seems to have weathered it well. Congrats to Stoney and K! Paperwork to be filed asap! 


  • The North West Regional in Caldwell Idaho was a super fun show. We got to meet lots of folks we've only read about. K and her friend Crystal showed their ponies to success, and had lots of fun in games. We had a lot of visitors to the stalls, as Shadow was also there showing, and everyone just had to love on him! This is the last show for the season. Plans for next season are light for Stoney, as he will be put up for sale because of K's heavy school load.  We had a great year! 


  •  Stoney was a great sport at a local gymkhana/playday held over November 13.14.15, as he carried not one, not two, but three riders through their games classes for a Gymkhana Series. One of those riders was a complete novice, and Stoney was a very good boy, only walking and jogging the patterns. The rider felt safe at all times and had fun. 


  • Stoney and his Lead-Line rider earned the Cal-State Year End High Point and Over-All Champion Silver Buckle at the 2008 Awards Banquet December 6th. Great job  Kassie and Stoney!! Your hard work over the season really paid off!  K and Stoney were also honored for earning their Supreme, with a multiple photo frame with pictures of K and Stoney, and also their National Supreme Plaque. Congrats to you all!

                      stoneykassieSouthwest Regionalsmall.JPG (30832 bytes) Kassie and Stoney compete at the South West Regional.

  • Stoney has been sold to the Brown family of Scottsdale. Congrats, and we'll look forward to updates on how he does with his new family.


  • Stoney has been purchased back after being with the Browns showing and giving family rides for a couple of years, and will now be here at Skyrock playing at being a trail horse! Welcome home, Stoney!