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  •     Miss Lacey Snow  '96 sorrel fewspot leopard POA mare

    Lacey is a half sister to our mare Driftwood Dixie, having the same sire, St Nik's Snowstorm (Proven Producer), sire of such famous POAs as JBJ's Firestorm and Miss Cinnamon Snow. They look quite a bit alike, especially their beautiful heads, although Lacey is taller and has more of a rail-pony build. Both mares have the same sweet personality, something we look for in our ponies. Lacey's Dam is JBJ's Design By Dude, who was of course by Premiere Sire Doc's Tough Dude. Lacey has produced foals for Little Valley Oaks, notably LVO Respect This Miss, Cal-State Futurity Champion, NW Regional Futurity Champion and 3rd at the Select Sire Futurity, as well as reserve high selling mare at the '01 Sale.

                                               docs_respect_this_dude3.jpg (19117 bytes)

 LVO Respect This Miss is the dam of Doc's Respect This Dude, (above) standing at ElDiHan's POAs.  LVO Whole Lotta Respect, now in Texas, was also out of Lacey. We are so pleased to have such a well bred, proven broodmare to add to our herd. Thanks to Karen Dunford for letting us bring Lacey home.

  • FLASH! Lacey's daughter LVO Whole Lotta Respect is in foal to Ultimate Bounce for an '09 foal! (see FOAL'S page!)

  • FLASH! LVO Whole Lotta Respect was bred back to Bouncer for a 2010 foal, as her owner Johnny Brown LOVES the snow-cap filly he sired.

  • FLASH! Lacey is in foal to Bouncer for a 2010 foal! (chestnut roan blanket to withers colt -see foal's page)

  • FLASH! Lacey is in foal to Bouncer for a 2011 foal. (black roan filly - see Foal's Page)

  • FLASH! Lacey is in foal to Bouncer for a 2012 foal. (sorrel snow-cap colt - please see foal's page)

  • FLASH! Lacey is infoal to Bouncer for a 2014 foal. (black roan with hip blanket and spots filly  -  please see Foal's Page)

  • Lacey has gone to greener pastures, Aug 2017 due to torsion colic. We will miss her funny face and requests for scratches.

laceysideheadsmall.jpg (20214 bytes) laceyside1small.jpg (25552 bytes) 

                                                                                                                          What a gorgeous girl!


  • Skyrock RedHot ChiliPeppr  '06 sorrel ID mare

This little mare is the one and only cross from Dixie and Bouncer - alas a solid, so we weren't able to show her - but she probably has the Lp gene, as she has partial sclera and striped hooves, plus scattered white hairs. She has nice conformation and a good size at 55". Sold as a 2yo, we purchased her back as a ranch broke pony in 2014 with plans to finish her for the ring and/or use her as a broodmare. As the daughter of two International and World Champions, her breeding is terrific, plus she is the granddaughter of St Nik's Snowstorm, one of my favorite broodmare sires (Lacey is also a daughter of St Nik's Snowstorm, and Hottie is a granddaughter, too!) With the recent loss of Dixie, it's nice to have her daughter with us. Welcome home, Pepper!

                                                                                                                                      pepperrsidenose.jpg (404671 bytes) Pepper as a 2yo


  • Skyrock Copper Penny ROM(T), a '96 POA mare, bay with snowflakes. 

Penny is currently the only "hardshipped" POA at Skyrock. She is actually a Quarter/Appaloosa cross whom we purchased as a two-year-old with the intention of training and reselling. Though she was short, we didn't think she would mature under the 56" limit. But Perry (Dad) started sweet-talking to her, and suddenly she became 'his' pony. Penny was started by Stacy (Irwin) Lair, and has been an around-the-house pony for a couple of years because she was always over-height for her age. Luckily she stopped growing at just the right moment and we were able to hardship her in at 55 7/8 ". Penny is a powerful mare, with a nice quarter horse type build, and an amazing talent for jumping and games.   

  • Flash! Penny showed in her very first Halter class at the 2002 SouthWest Regional, placing third in a large field of outstanding mares. 
  • FLASH! Penny has been bred to Bouncer for a February 2005 foal. This foal should be a powerhouse! Large size POA, Halter quality with Performance ability.       SSF Eligible!

  • FLASH! Penny produced Skyrock Bouncin Jack Brown, bay ID colt. Very superior conformation and movement. See foal's page.

  • FLASH! Penny has been bred to Ultimate Bounce ROM(H) for a 2006 foal. Eligible SSF & Cal State Futurity!

  • FLASH!  Penny has foaled a bay w/star & characteristics filly: Skyrock Sienna. See Foals Page!

  • FLASH!  Penny is in foal to Indy's California Debut, smoky black few-spot,  for an '08 foal.

  • FLASH! Penny foaled a super cute bay roan colt with frosty blanket and spots. See foal's page. 

  • FLASH! Penny will be entering a new stage here at Skyrock. K will be training her for gymkhana (and possibly HUS). Her first show will be Sept. 20, where the team will jog patterns. Good Luck Penny & K!

  • FLASH! Penny and K had a great Open Show series November 14,15 & 16. She placed in almost every gymkhana class entered, and even won several! What impressed us the most is her obvious talent despite the fact that she's green- when Penny & K have enough hours to start really clicking, they will burn it up!

          PennySWR3rdA.jpg (422279 bytes)      

             click photo for larger image

  • FLASH! Penny and K are  3rd in the Nation in POAC's Open Show Program in the 13-18 Division! Congrats K & Penny

  • FLASH! Penny and K competed at the Cal-State March 14th Show at Sycamore Canyon in San Dimas. Penny was shown at Halter by Chelsea Morgan (Thanks, Chelsea!) and pulled a respectable 3rd, then K and Penny walk/jogged the Games for Participation points as K is up to her knee in a walking cast (non-horse related accident). Penny was a super good girl, and she and K even loped the final class, a Single Pole pattern!

  • FLASH! K & Penny had a very relaxed, enjoyable show at Cal-State's Sycamore Canyon 5/2 event. K has her foot back in the stirrup, so they were able to actually lope several patterns. (Big grin on K's face!) A very fun show.

  • FLASH! K & Penny are really starting to shape up! See the below pictures from the August 09 Cal-State Show held at the Fairplex at Pomona. Not too shabby for a greenie ex-broodmare with not quite a year of formal training!

barrelseditsmall.jpg (27669 bytes) englisheditsmall.jpg (29210 bytes) singlepoleeditsmall.jpg (29452 bytes) westernpleditsmall.jpg (26262 bytes)

  • FLASH!  Penny and K at the South West Regional at Pomona - first show of 2010. Looks like they're becoming a team!

pennykaylapolesswreg2010small.jpg (17930 bytes) kaylapennypomonaswreg2010small.jpg (23813 bytes)

  • FLASH! Penny and K showed at the Rocky Mountain Regional and the Western Classic in Loveland Colorado over the 4th of July weekend. Penny placed in Halter and then had a couple of phenomenal rides in HUS, placing 8th of 17 in 13-18, which thrilled us, then going on to place 4th in Senior, again out of 17 entries. It was awesome! The team also had a gorgeous WP go, and though they didn't place, it was a personal best for them and we were super happy with it. At the Classic, the team concentrated on Games, trying to earn those last few Regional points towards Penny's ROM(T) and they pulled it off! It was a great trip, not only showing, but seeing the gorgeous countryside and the wildlife along the way.  We have a couple more shows in CA, then Penny will go back home to 'Skyrock West' and plans are to breed her to Bouncer for a 2012 foal.

  • FLASH! Penny and K showed at the Cal-State Labor Day Weekend show and picked up several more Timed and Non-Timed points, plus a Second in Large Mares  - woohoo! Not too shabby for a 14 year-old ex broodie!

                        kaylapennyhalterlineup2010futuritysamll.JPG (43752 bytes) Penny and K in the Large Mares Line-Up

  • FLASH! Skyrock Copper Penny - Register of Merit in Timed Events!  K and Penny will finish out the season, then Pen will return to the broodie life and be bred to Bouncer for a 2012 foal. Penny will head back to Skyrock West to be Dad's pet and produce another Champion for us.

  • FLASH! Penny is in foal to Bouncer for a 2012 foal. (bay blanket w/spots colt - please see foal's page!)

  • FLASH! Penny is soaking up the R&R at Skyrock West, keeping Missy and Lullabye company.


  • Suncrest Lullabye, Int. Champion  99 POA mare, Bay with blanket and spots

            Lullabye is a real treasure for us as we've been trying to buy her for years. She is a daughter of Suncrest Tattoo, World Champion and Int Res. Champion, and sire of multiple World and International Champions, including Suncrest Magic Moment, JPFC Winner. AND - Lullabye is out of the legendary Suncrest Forever Amber, dam of Supreme Champions and International Grand Champions Suncrest Kandi Bar, Suncrest Big Mac and Suncrest DoughBoyKandi Bar and Big Mac also won the International Versatility Class  --  Big Mac TWICE! Wow. Moreover, Lullabye has only been bred once  -  to Bouncer -  and that colt won the Cal-State Futurity the first time shown.  AND - Lullabye was shown as a young mare and was International Champion 2yo Mare.  She is confirmed in foal to Bouncer for '08.  What a champion this baby will be!!!! Thank you to the Rachenok's for allowing us to purchase her. We are very excited to add her to our broodmares!      

                            (click on images to enlarge)

              Lullaby&Rascalsmall.JPG (39941 bytes)                         suncrestlullabyeIntwin.jpg (27257 bytes)

   Lullabye and "Rascal" '05                   Lullabye Int'l Win in 2001

  • FLASH! Lullabye is in foal to Bouncer for an '08 foal.

  • FLASH! Lullabye foaled a bay few-spot filly with black points. See foals'  page.

  • FLASH! Lullabye is in foal to Ultimate Bounce for a 2010 full sibling to Sunny! (bay blanket colt - see foal's page)

  • FLASH! Lullabye is in foal to Bouncer for a 2011 foal. (bay blanket colt - see Foal's Page)

  • FLASH! Lullabye will be bred back to Bouncer for a 2013 foal. (absorbed)

  • Lullabye has been retired to Skyrock West, where she has nothing to do but eat.

  • Lullabye has been laid to rest after her retirement at Skyrock West. We really enjoyed our time with her - she will be missed. 



  • Santee Misty Twist, '91 POA mare, chestnut sno-cap. 

Missy is by Santee Twister, International Champion and Sire, and out of R Misty Stuff, champion producing mare. Full sister to Santee Impress, many time Utah State Champion Stallion. A lovely mare, Missy was bred by Gene Carr and was in his South Dakota broodmare band for nine years, so when she arrived in California, it was a big change for her in more ways than one. However, she has a naturally good, quiet nature and has decided she just loves all the individual attention she receives at our smaller operation. Our first "full-time" broodmare, Missy's job is to produce a top quality Skyrock bred foal each year for show and sale. She has the bloodline credentials and the build, and if her first foal born at Skyrock, Skyrock Skipper Twist, is any indication, she's going to be Skyrock's top producer for many years.

  • FLASH!  Missy has been bred to International Champion Santee Saladin for a March 19, 2005 foal. If you might be interested in this foal, please contact us at ponies@skyrockpoas.com.  SSF Eligible!

  • FLASH! Missy outproduced herself again with Skyrock Sequoia Tee, sorrel few-cap colt by Santee Saladin,  POA ROM Champion. See foal's page!

  • FLASH!  After the traumatic loss of her last filly, it's been decided that Missy will be retired from breeding and enjoy mooching around my folk's place with no specific job. 

  • Santee Misty Twist has moved to greener pastures due to liver failure. We will miss her.

click photo for larger image

  • Driftwood Dixie, POA ROM Champion, a '91 chestnut roan with spots mare, 

This bombproof cutie-pie is a Driftwood bred POA at Skyrock. Dixie is by St. Nik's Snowstorm, a top producer of Champions, including JBJ's Firestorm, Int'l Champion and sire of HIS Signal Fire, Int'l Grand Champion; Hercules, Int'l Champion; JBJ's Ms Sable Snow, SSF winner and I Like It I Love It ROM(H) . Dixie's dam, Driftwood's Gojetum is the dam of noted show pony Driftwood's Montego Bay and producer Tough Miss Ray. She is very stout and with a cute, cute head and natural eyeliner.  With us, Dixie has shown Western and English Equitation and Pleasure, Halter, Open Costume, Native American Costume and Games. Dixie and her rider won the 2002 World Championships in Open Costume and Handy Horse, and a Reserve World Championship in Western Pleasure w/j. At the 2002 Rocky Mountain Regional, they took 1st in Open Costume, Western Pleasure w/j, and Flags. The team also won the 2002 California State POA High Point for 8&Under Gymkhana, and SCPOAC's High Point in 8&Under Gymkhana, Combined Costume, Western w/j, English w/t, and were winners of the 2002 William Heald Perpetual Trophy (second year running). 

  • FLASH! Dixie and her rider earned Dixie's ROM(T), ROM(NT) and ROM(C) this year(2003). Dixie also won two National Medallions: Costume and Single Pole.
  • FLASH!   Dixie has earned her POA ROM Championship.
  • FLASH!  Dixie and her rider have won for the third straight year The William Heald Perpetual Trophy!
  • FLASH! Dixie foaled a chestnut w/blaze and characteristics filly. See Foals Page!
  • FLASH! 2011: Dixie is a star! She was in a film shoot at Smashbox Studio in Hollywood with Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet. Eric was nervous, but not our Dixie!
  • FLASH! 2012:K and Dixie show Native Costume at their last show. They win the class. K has officially aged out, and Dixie is now retired to Skyrock.  
  • 2014: Surrounded by her family, Dixie has passed on to greener pastures. She was one of a kind, and we will miss her.

DixieK02worldpool1.gif (210003 bytes)                                                                DixieKaylaIndCostTemeculasmall.jpg (28828 bytes)                             2012dixiekaylaNativesmall.jpg (95181 bytes)        

First World Championship                                                            Kayla showing Dixie in Native @ 9 years old, and at their last show in 2012 - same costume     

  click photo for larger image