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2014 Foals 

Skyrock Mares

Miss Lacey Snow X Ultimate Bounce

laceyside1small.jpg (25552 bytes)

This foal will be a full sibling to Skyrock MovesLikeJagger, Skyrock Snowshoes and Skyrock Sable Rain.

May 2: Black roan filly with hip blanket and spots! 

Welcome Skyrock Girl On Fire!

HottieRside small.JPG (84924 bytes) Hottiewlaceysmall.JPG (86422 bytes)  Hottieinsunlightsmall.JPG (85560 bytes) Hottiecloseupsmall.JPG (86472 bytes) Hottie: Newborn pics and one at 3 days old

We are very excited over this filly- she has all the looks, conformation and pedigree to be a top show pony! We just may keep this girl.


Outside Mares 

Suncrest Lacey Patches X Ultimate Bounce

Another Lacey - also a large white (chestnut) few-spot mare. This is Suncrest Ranch's top producing mare, and Lacey herself is a National Champion. This cross produced a lovely loud chestnut leopard filly in 2012, and we're hoping for another just as nice!

Chestnut Leopard Colt! Red mane and tail and lots of little spots all over this sweet boy!


Suncrest Sassi Lassi X Ultimate Bounce

SuncrestSassiLassismall.jpg (41699 bytes)

Sassi is a bay snow-flake mare with a big body and a lovely head and neck. She has shown only locally, but has gone Grand several times. She has produced some outstanding Suncrest foals, and we think her first cross to Bouncer will be spectacular!

Sassi produced a black snow-cap filly! Big blanket to withers on a coal black body. She has tons of bootie, too! Another homozygous foal for Bouncer!


2013 Foals Due

Skyrock Mares 

Suncrest Lullabye  X  Ultimate Bounce

Lullaby&Rascalsmall.JPG (39941 bytes)

International Champion, dam of Futurity, Regional and Classic Champions Steppn OutWithABounce, Skyrock Sunrise, 

Skyrock Hits the Spot and Skyrock Maximum Bounce.

Due to her health issues, Lullabye absorbed. She will remain at Skyrock West until greener pastures call.


No Outside Mares this year.


2012 Foals 

Skyrock Mares 

Skyrock Copper Penny X Ultimate Bounce

PennySWR3rdA.jpg (422279 bytes)

Welcome Skyrock Copper Operator!

copperleftsidewpennycroppedsmall.JPG (46733 bytes)

Bay with blanket and spots colt,  February 25th

Can you say WOW - LOOK at that COLOR!?

Penny had a very easy foaling with Copper, and they are both in great shape. This colt is spunky yet sweet, very friendly! He will mature around 54 - 55, and be a super flashy performance bred pony who will also hold his own in Halter. 

Penny has produced well for us - she has had 2 crosses to Bouncer and one to Indy's California Debut, producing good looking performance ponies. She has had a couple years off while she earned her ROM(T) and Cal-State Year-End High Point All Around Champion, so she now has credentials of her own! Here are pics of her Skyrock bred foals:

jackbigjump09.JPG (106429 bytes)   siennayearlingshowpic.jpg (33456 bytes)   2011cowboyupdatepicksmall.jpg (33454 bytes)

The black bay in the jumping shot is Skyrock Bouncin' Jack Brown who is currently showing over fences. The bay snowflake filly is Skyrock Sienna, currently in New Jersey, and the black roan is Skyrock California Boy, currently owned by the Russell family in CA, for sale at this time, and plans are he will be shown under saddle this season. 

Copper is a full sibling to Jack and Sienna, 1/2 sib to Cowboy. 

Interested in a super flashy show pony from a proven cross? Copper is for sale!

2012coperkaylafuturityshotsmall.jpg (104726 bytes) 2012copperkaylafuturitysmall.jpg (96900 bytes) 2012coltsfuturitysmall.jpg (103504 bytes)

Skyrock Copper Operator at the 2012 Cal-State Futurity Show

Res. Champion Weanling Colt

2 Reserve Grand Champion Stallions



Miss Lacey Snow X Ultimate Bounce

laceyside1small.jpg (25552 bytes)

Welcome Skyrock MovesLikeJagger

jagger1small.jpg (30103 bytes) jagger2.jpg (64203 bytes)

Sorrel snow-cap colt, blaze and 2 stockings,  March 6!

All we can say is WOW. "Jagger" is everything a breeder hopes for and then some. Conformation, homozygous color, style and sweetness. Look for him at the shows!

jagger1monthsmall.jpg (99025 bytes)

 Jagger @ 4 weeks

Lacey has been an awesome producer - she has an International Champion daughter, LVO Respect This Miss, who has herself been a dam of champions, and LVO Whole Lotta Respect, also a dam of champions. For Skyrock, Lacey has produced Skyrock Snow King, Skyrock Snowshoes, 2010 Res. Grand Champion Stallion at the West Coast Classic, and Skyrock Sable Rain, 2011 Res. Champion Futurity filly& 2012 Res. Grand Champion Mare at the South West Regional. 


2012jaggerstacyfuturitysmall.jpg (97376 bytes) 2012coltsfuturitysmall.jpg (103504 bytes)

Skyrock MovesLikeJagger 2012 Cal-State Futurity Show

Champion Weanling Colt

2 Grand Champion Stallions!



Outside Mares Due

Ultimate Bounce X Big Tyme Model

sandeekaylaresgrandclass2010.JPG (51338 bytes)

Due July 26

Sandee is now in Canada with her new owners, and is expecting her second Bouncer foal mid-summer.

Loud buckskin leopard filly!



2011 Foals Have Arrived!

Skyrock Mares Due


 Ultimate Bounce X Suncrest Lullaby

suncrestlullabyeIntwin.jpg (27257 bytes)

April 2

Skyrock Maximum Bounce aka "Max" has arrived!

max (7)frontviewsmall.JPG (40880 bytes) max (10)frontviewheaqddownsmall.JPG (43000 bytes) max (11)followinglullabyesmall.JPG (42783 bytes)

WOW. Just as good if not better than big bro Rocky. And talk about two peas in a pod! We should retain this boy as a Jr. Stallion, but if someone wants to have a colt that will dominate the nation, call us up and talk us out of him. A sweetie pie with awesome conformation, awesome movement and awesome color.  Jackpot.

Ultimate Bounce X Big Tyme Model

sandeekaylaresgrandclass2010.JPG (51338 bytes)

February 25

Skyrock Big Tyme Bounce aka "Frankie" has arrived!

frankienewborn1.jpg (93946 bytes) frankienewborn2small.jpg (30229 bytes) frankienewborn5small.jpg (35774 bytes) frankienewborn4small.jpg (40318 bytes)


A loud red leopard colt with chestnut mane and tail and a star - may also have a white sock, but I'm not sure yet! He is super cute and very friendly.  He gets to wear the baby blanket I sewed from an old micro fiber blanket a few years ago, as the temps here have been in the 30's at night.  A couple of weeks early, but he's doing fine, as is Sandee.

Frankie has SOLD!

Congratulations to the Gassmann family of Corona, and Welcome to POAs!


Ultimate Bounce X Miss Lacey Snow

laceyside1small.jpg (25552 bytes)

March 25

Skyrock Sable Rain has arrived!

sablenewbornsnoozetopviewsmall.JPG (49059 bytes) sablenewbornsideviewsmall.JPG (40861 bytes) sablenewbornsnooze2small.JPG (51905 bytes)

Well, I wanted a black filly and guess what Lacey had! "Sable", a black roan filly with hind sock and faint frost, showed up on the video screen 45 minutes after I fed the ponies (with, of course, no indication of an impending arrival!) and just as I sat down with my breakfast! Needless to say, when I finally got back to my Malt-O-Meal, it was one solidified glob.  Sable is Fan-CEE! Not a lot of color yet, but she has frosty patches on her hips, and scattered white hairs. She already has some roany goggles around her eyes. I think she will have that very dark roan look that Skyrock Ruby Six has. VERY pretty head and eye, long neck - great shoulder angle and LEGGY!  We are super pleased!!


Outside Mares Due


Ultimate Bounce X Doc's Royale Gold (AQHA)

palominomareofgizelle'ssmall.jpg (41340 bytes)

(Jag's Gold Dee Bar X Wyammy Smokin Nell)

Chocolate Palomino Doc Bar bred mare, Dam of APHA Champions. 

April 12

Gorgeous, muscled, BUCKSKIN filly! No spots yet, but a very pretty filly (who can be triple registered!). Her family is very happy with her, and have named her Ultimately Royal Gold, aka Lilly. She is a true buckskin, with a star and snip on her beautiful head- super cute!


ultimatelyroyalgoldlillylside4small.jpg (34137 bytes) ultimatelyroyalgoldlillyrearviewsmall.jpg (28322 bytes)


Ultimate Bounce X Queen of Aces

Queen of Acescropped.jpg (26202 bytes)

May 21st(?)

Healthy colt! No other info yet - we'll publish that as soon as we get it!


Ultimate Bounce X Sally Grand Deck (AQHA)

buckskinmareofgizelles2small.jpg (49197 bytes)

(An Easy Grande X Classy Peppy Deck)

May 24th

Dun or Grulla filly with a star and dark spots over solid coat. Woo hoo!! And a terrific name - meet Ultimately Grand. This filly will halter and ride!

ultimatelygrandlsideheadsmall.jpg (31314 bytes) ultimatelygrandlsidenewbornsmall.jpg (33345 bytes)



2010 Foals Have Arrived!

Ultimate Bounce X LVO Whole Lotta Respect

January 28th

Bay filly with a star and strip, strong characteristics

Johnny Brown of Texas was sure surprised by this one - last year's filly was a sorrel with a big blanket. This year's is a bay, not a color he was expecting out of his sorrel leopard mare. However, he says this little filly is simply beautiful and he can be patient and wait a bit for the color to show up, which should soon, as this pretty bay was born with striped hooves. Hopefully, she will do as well as big sis, TF Whole Lotta Pretty, at the shows!

Pictures as soon as they arrive!


Ultimate Bounce X Miss Lacey Snow

laceyside1small.jpg (25552 bytes)

 February 22nd

Skyrock Snowshoes

Lacey presented us with a gorgeous chestnut roan with blanket to withers & spots colt! Hind stockings and blaze, too! Beautiful little head, enormous eyes, long, thin neck, and a muscled body! We are VERY happy with this first Lacey/Bouncer cross. He floats at the lope! Lacey will be bred back. We think we have settled on Skyrock Snowshoes, "Brenin" for short. This colt has been hard to name, and my original choice was soundly nixed! We all think 'Snowshoes' is very original, kinda cute, and certainly speaks of his bloodlines (Miss Lacey Snow is a daughter of multiple Champion producing stallion, St. Nik's Snowstorm). So welcome "Brenin". Watch for him at the big shows, and ask about buying him if you like his looks (and you will!)

brenin4small.jpg (27122 bytes) brenin5small.jpg (22256 bytes) Newborn Brenin.

breninrearviewshadesmall.jpg (27779 bytes) a few weeks old - shadows on the picture, but still a nice rear view!


  • FLASH! Rocky Mountain Regional and Western Classic Shows, held in Loveland Colorado over the 4th of July weekend were a success for Skyrock.  Brenin did very well, starting at the Regional where he won Res. Jr. Champion. At the Classic, he really wowed them, as under three judges, he won his class, was Junior Champion, and then went on to take Res. Grand Champion Stallion over a field of yearlings, 2yos, 3yos and 4yos. Brenin was the only weanling in the field. He was also super popular back at the stalls, where he had lots of visitors and earned many hugs and scratches. 


  • FLASH! Over Labor Day weekend Brenin takes Reserve Champion at the Cal-State Futurity, and also brings home another Reserve Grand Champion Stallion. This is one nice colt - still Mr. Calm and Cool at any event and stalls and travels so well! He's a pleasure to deal with.

breninkaylajudge2010futuritysmall.JPG (44305 bytes)  kaylabrenin2010futuritytrophysmall.JPG (42094 bytes)

Brenin has SOLD! 

Congratulations to the Colyn family of Norco on their purchase of this beautiful colt.  Please see updates page for more info on Brenin - now HUNTER - as he progresses.


Ultimate Bounce X Suncrest Lullaby

suncrestlullabyeIntwin.jpg (27257 bytes)

March 4

Skyrock Hits The Spot

Barn name "Rocky", this colt is finally the perfect pattern for my dad, who thinks the only real Appaloosa pattern is a dark solid body color with a sharp blanket and spots - everything else is just an also ran. Congrats dad, you got your colt! Rocky is classy looking and sweet, with a lovely head and a gorgeous shoulder. We will be showing him this summer.  Ask about purchasing him if bright bay with a blanket and spots is your favorite, too. 

rocky2.jpg (142351 bytes) rockylullabye2.jpg (324253 bytes) rockywatertub.jpg (543327 bytes) two days old.

rockytowelsmall.jpg (28990 bytes) a couple weeks old and playing with an old towel.


  • FLASH! Rocky hits the big time at his first show! Labor Day weekend Cal-State Futurity:

Winner Weanling Colts Futurity Class!

 plus a Reserve Grand Champion Stallion!  We must admit, he is hard to miss in the show ring!

kaylarocky2010futuritywinshotsmall.JPG (51671 bytes) kaylarocky2010futurityheadshotsmall.JPG (55700 bytes)

  • FLASH! First show as a Yearling: Grand Champion Stallion! Rocky is looking great thanks to Stacy Lair at Competitor's Edge, and he obviously impressed the judge. Next show April 10th.


Ultimate Bounce X Queen of Aces

Queen of Acescropped.jpg (26202 bytes)

 May 9th

Skyrock HawksAwesomeBounce

Queen presented new owner Gilbert Hawkins with a stunning black with blanket to withers and spots filly. She has a front half pastern and a star and snip as well. She is a beauty in every sense of the word! Gilbert was so pleased, they are breeding Queen back to Bouncer for a 2011 foal. Congratulations on an "awesome" girl!

queen2010filly.jpg (140795 bytes)




2009 Crop has Arrived!


Ultimate Bounce X LVO Whole Lotta Respect

owned by Johnny Brown of Texas

January 4th 2009

TF Whole Lotta Pretty 

Chestnut with big blanket and blaze Filly

We got a call from Johnny Brown this morning, and his good red leopard mare held out until 2009 (barely!) and presented him with a filly early today.  He is super happy with her coloring and has plans to show her. 

Here are some pictures of her at a couple weeks old- isn't she a looker? She sure fits her name!

wholelottapretty09small.jpg (34021 bytes) wholelottaprettyII09small.jpg (23567 bytes) wholelottaprettyIII09small.jpg (37760 bytes)

  Congratulations on your filly!

  • FLASH!  TF Whole Lotta Pretty was Res. Champion Weanling Filly at the 2009 International Show her first time into the show pen. This gorgeous filly was Bouncer's only 2009 offspring, and what a great show horse she is shaping up to be. Congratulations, Johnny Brown and Whole Lotta Pretty!


2008 Foals are Here! 

Ultimate Bounce X RBR Bunbeatable

February 20th 2008

shadowlisaface.JPG (69238 bytes) shadowhead.JPG (51459 bytes)  

Shadow newborn  

  shadowbunny1weeksmall.jpg (35529 bytes) shadowbunny1week4small.jpg (34445 bytes)

Shadow and Bunny at 1 week

shadowheadshotjulysmall.jpg (24450 bytes) shadowrsidejulysmall.jpg (31508 bytes)

Shadow 5 mos.

"Skyrock Shadowman"

Black leopard, blaze, front sock, hind hairline coronet colt

Can we say "WOW!". Bunny has totally outdone herself with "Shadow", born during a total lunar eclipse. Another black based foal to add to Bouncer's tally, too! All I can say is I'm glad this colt is nominated for the Futurities. If you'd like him for your own, better call me now, because he's only going to get better!


Congratulations to the Fisher Family of Arizona!


Ultimate Bounce X Suncrest Lullaby

 April 19, 2008


   sunnyhead2.jpg (142586 bytes) sunnyrun.jpg (209092 bytes)

           Pomona_NWRegionalsunny2.jpg (486642 bytes) Sunny at the Cal-State Futurity Show

bay few-spot leopard filly with black points and a star

Super cute and super friendly filly arrived just into April 19th, at 12:10 am. She snuck in between camera checks, but we caught sight of her just as she was trying to stand and hurried out to the barn. Snow white with a striking black mane and tail, black ears and some bay points, she is adorable. Her coat is thick and so soft she feels like an arctic fox. She is full sister to SteppnOutWithABounce, winner of the Cal-State Futurity, a black leopard, and we hope that she'll turn out just as nicely as he did. See Skyrock Updates page to see photos of this handsome guy.

FLASH! Sunny won her Cal-State Futurity Weanling Filly class, and then went on to rock in the In-Hand-Trail class, and stood Reserve Over-All Weanling High Point.



Congratulations to the Lesneski Family of Lake Elsinore CA!



Indy's California Debut X Skyrock Copper Penny

 April 25, 2008

  California Boy_1321small.JPG (28832 bytes) California Boysmall.JPG (27351 bytes)

Pomona_NWRegional cowboy.jpg (662499 bytes)

Skyrock California Boy


Our last foal for 2008 has arrived, so we can pack up the cameras and finally get a whole night's sleep! Cowboy is super cute, altho a bit smaller than we thought he would be because Penny was so HUGE. Well, Cowboy's here, and Penny's still huge! Time for a diet. Anyway, Cowboy has great color, with a blue roan base coat, frosty blanket with spots, hind pastern and a tiny star.  He'll mature a medium with excellent conformation, and he's so friendly, he'll be a great kid's pony! 

Cowboy has SOLD!

Congrats to Gizelle Russell!


2007 Foals


Ultimate Bounce X Pretty Rude

February 23, 2007

"Spotted Being Rude"

barn name: "Kirby"

The very first 2007 foal has arrived - Pretty Rude delivered a gorgeous tri-colored leopard colt in the late evening. The Halverson family thinks he is super cute, and he has both Rudy's and Bouncer's dishy face. He's already playing in their arena, running and bucking for the fun of it. Congratulations to the Halversons on this beautiful colt!  


Ultimate Bounce X RBR Bunbeatable

March 3, 2007

redstance.jpg (184894 bytes)   redleftside5mos2.jpg (396519 bytes)

one week           5 months

"Skyrock Dressed In Red"

Sorrel ID Colt with star and strip

Bunny really surprised us with a sorrel - we were sooo expecting a bay from this cross - but otherwise "Red" is a beauty, and Bunny came through the foaling in great shape. Red has a pretty 'Bouncer baby' head - short face, wide set eyes and cute ears. He also has the makings of a good build, too - lots of forearm and gaskin showing already, and a tremendous hind end!  He's doing great - very friendly and unafraid. He is offered for sale - will make a great show gelding. 

  • FLASH! First Show: Cal-State Futurity 

Champion ID Weanling

Red has been SOLD! Congratulations to the Sampo Family of Fontana!



Ultimate Bounce X Santee Misty Twist

March 19th

Sadly we announce Missy lost a sorrel few-cap filly. Missy seems to be recovering well from a difficult ordeal, and has returned home  to rest. 



Ultimate Bounce X My Little Irish Clover

March 25, 2007

  littlejoebounce2.jpg (28895 bytes)

"Little Joe Bounce"

sorrel blanket to shoulders with spots colt with coronet & blaze

Katy Matlock and Chelsea Morgan are thrilled with their new colt, a sorrel big blanket sporting tiny chestnut spots, dark legs with a coronet on one hind, and a beautiful blaze on his dishy face. They are especially happy with his short back and long legs - just like Bouncer. Mom 'Chloe' was having a difficult first foaling, and after three no response vet calls, Katy called judge Joe Lyneis, a veteran of many foalings, who talked them through it all.  After a wobbly start, 'Joe' (named after his over-the-phone rescuer) is charging around the stall with mom chasing after. A very exciting night, and we're very happy everyone turned out OK, and that the colt is a beauty! 

littlejoerightrearview.jpg (28174 bytes)  littlejoecanter.jpg (9960 bytes)


Ultimate Bounce X Queen of Aces

March 25th, 2007

       Skyrock Diamond Jimqueenlegsweb.JPG (36189 bytes)  

"Skyrock Diamond Jim"

chestnut with blanket to withers and spots colt, lightening marks, pastern, blaze and snip

Wow  what a gorgeous colt! Queen outdid herself, and we are soooo happy she did!  D.J. is all anyone could ask for in a POA foal, with his pretty head, good straight, strong legs and fabulous neck. Oh, and did we mention color? The perfect blanket pattern!  D.J. (Diamond Jim) is named after Jim Keegan, a terrific promoter of the POA breed, who loved to show Queen and took her to many of her Grands. 

djheadshot.jpg (696509 bytes)    djhaltershot.jpg (531900 bytes)

  • FLASH! FIRST SHOW  August 25&26 Ponyrama, B&P and Cal-State Futurities

Cal-State Futurity Champion Weanling Colt

at that same show, 3 judges, several colts and stallions:

Grand Champion Stallion 

Two Res. Grand Champion Stallion

DJ has been SOLD! Congratulations to Raul Caldera of El Monte!  


Ultimate Bounce X CAs Sabrina

May 14, 2007

sabrinas07colt2.jpg (50901 bytes) Chinoprancing.JPG (147252 bytes) Chinoheadshot.JPG (116385 bytes)

newborn shot, and 1 week

"J-Bar Cocochino Bounce"

bay few-cap colt, blaze, lightening marks

What a wonderful Mother's Day present. Full brother to J-Bar Bouncin Dot Com, this boy has very similar homozygous coloring, and will no doubt follow in big sister's winning hoof prints! Congratulations to Jan Loveless on another terrific Bouncer foal!!



Ultimate Bounce X Bear Paw's Flying Glitter

June 12, 2007

bearpawsflyingglitter07filly.jpg (49273 bytes) bearpawsflyingglitter07filly2.jpg (27834 bytes)

"Unnamed Filly"

Last of Bouncer's foals for 2007, Glitter produced a filly, sorrel with flax mane & tail, blanket over hips with snowflakes and white on her back and shoulders, with a pretty star. Owner June Roman is very happy with her. What a beautiful picture of Glitter and her filly! 



  2006  Foals 

Ultimate Bounce X Skyrock Copper Penny

May 22, 2006

siennarightside.JPG (276617 bytes)  

"Skyrock Sienna"

A lovely bay filly with a star and characteristics, Sienna has all the earmarks of a fabulous rail pony: great legs, long neck and sweet movement.  She also has a beautiful head with itty bitty ears. Penny is a bay snowflake, so we expect Sienna to come up with some spots as she grows. This is a real good one, and a great way to wrap up the season! 

update: Sienna has white spots popping up all over! She is a true "snowflake" pattern and we expect much more color to come! 


  • FLASH! Sienna showed for the first time at SCPOAC's IBC show at the McCoy Center. After winning her halter class, she also won Junior Champion and then took Reserve Grand Champion Mare, at age 9 mos. Thanks to Stacy Lair for fitting and showing our pretty girl.

  • siennayearlingshowpic.jpg (33456 bytes) siennaheadshotyearling.jpg (89768 bytes)

Sienna is on her way! She could be YOUR Champion - see our Sales Page.

  • FLASH! Sienna showed at the Cal-State Ponyrama & B&P weekend at Indio and took 1st in Halter, 1st in Yearling Longeline and Junior Champion under all three judges!


  • 8/25&26/07 Cal-State Show & Futurity


  Cal-State Futurity Yearling Filly

Cal-State Futurity Yearling Longeline

 Reserve Grand Champion Mare 


Sienna Has Been SOLD!!

Congratulations to Elaine Angle of New Jersey! 



Ultimate Bounce X Driftwood Dixie

May 7, 2006

pepperside.JPG (31033 bytes)

"Skyrock Redhot Chilipeppr"

Bouncer's first chestnut! This little filly sports a blaze and characteristics, and we expect her to roan like mommy. She is a tank! The photo is as a newborn, but at 2 weeks, she has muscles everywhere and is a catty girl with super quick moves. She should mature a stout medium just like Dixie, and end up a great 8&Under - 9-12 all around pony.

pepperwalksmall.JPG (30959 bytes)

Update: Pepper at 5 mos - look at that pretty walk! Pepper now has white hairs over her body, sclera and striped hooves.

Pepper Has SOLD!!

Congratulations to the Deaville Family!


Ultimate Bounce X Dually's Dazzling Star 

May 4, 2006

dazzlefillyhead.jpg (30118 bytes)  Dazzles06fillyrightside.jpg (44192 bytes)

"Dazzle's Sugar Babe"

Our new friend in Germany, Anina Weber, is super happy with her black few-spot filly, and we are too! How gorgeous is she!! This beautiful Bouncer daughter will be a great addition to Anina's herd, but I'm sure she'll rack up her share of championships before producing more POAs for the burgeoning German POA market. Congratulations  Anina!


Ultimate Bounce X Preppie Style

Darlabayfillyalone.JPG (30462 bytes)  Darlabayfillynosing.JPG (27619 bytes)

April 18, 2006

"Ultimate Style"

Dan & Stacy Lair are very happy with this bright bay with blanket and blaze filly out of their World Champion mare, Preppie Style. With her breeding, she's going to be a halter pony deluxe, then go on to clean up on the rail. She's a full sister to CE The Ultimate Pleasure, now owned by Tirzah Cross in OR, and it's clear that this is a super cross!

Congratulations, Dan & Stacy (and Gracie and little Madison, too!)  




Ultimate Bounce X Lucy Blue Sparkles 

February 21, 2006

"Bouncin' Jack Flash"  (pend)


 Flash&lucystanding.jpg (35489 bytes)

Flashcozy.jpg (33459 bytes)

Karen Carroll at KarCar Paints in Texas is very happy with Bouncer's first foal of the season. A loud bay with blanket to mid-back with spots colt, Karen reports that Flash is very sweet natured and has a pretty dished face with a star and  strip, a front pastern and two tall hind socks. Flash is a great name for this colt!! They are especially happy with this blanketed boy because Lucy's previous foal was solid. Color to spare now, Karen! Congratulations!



2005 Skyrock Foals 

Click on the Thumbnail images to see Larger Photo

Ultimate Bounce X Skyrock Copper Penny

Skyrock Bouncin Jack Brown has arrived!
jackside.jpg (385420 bytes)

February 16th @ midnight.

A classic dark bay, Jack is exceptionally correct and elegant. He has "Sport Pony" written all over him, and has the class to be considered a stallion prospect. He has Bouncer's flowing movement even at this early age.  He will be registered POA ID, and is eligible for Quarter Pony and possibly Sport Pony. 

Jack has been sold! 


Ultimate Bounce X Dually's Dazzling Star

Skyrock Ruby Six has arrived!

rubyside-web.JPG (35718 bytes)  

January 25 @ 8:15 pm.  (20 days early, but ready to rock!)

Black with star and blanket over hips with spots filly.

 She is a tiny girl, but cute as the dickens! Dazzle really took the "maiden mares have smaller foals" thing to heart. Ruby (named after 'Ruby Six', one of James' dad's favorite mares) will probably mature as a Medium, but she may also surprise us and move into Large, like her momma. Everyone is doing well.


Congratulations Alyssa Brown of Oregon!  Have a wonderful time with Ruby, she's a winner.         


Santee Saladin X Santee Misty Twist

Skyrock Sequoia Tee has arrived!

hunterbackside.JPG (347392 bytes)

sorrel with blaze, front pasterns, blanket to neck with facial spotting colt

 Meet 'Rusty'. He made an early morning arrival (3:30 am) on Friday March 18th. He's a BIG boy, all legs, with huge joints. We were looking for him to be a palomino filly, but we aren't disappointed at all!  He should halter AND ride (1/2 brother Skyrock Skipper Twist was World Champion & International Small Stallion Stakes Winner, and Daddy Santee Saladin has more Halter Titles than can be counted, plus fabulous movement - 3X International Champion at Senior English Pleasure) This is going to be a colt to keep an eye on!

  • FLASH! Rustee is shaping up nicely, and proved it at the 2005 Northwest Regional where he was Champion Weanling Colt. He also brought home a Reserve World Championship. 

rustyNWRegwinarena.jpg (252458 bytes)

wins the Cal-State Futurity, and takes Grand Champion Stallion!


Ultimate Bounce X Suncrest Lullabye


Lullaby&Rascalsmall.JPG (39941 bytes)

An incredibly gorgeous colt - and a black leopard -  "Rascal" is exactly why we chose to breed Bouncer. Congratulations to the Sanga Family!

  • FLASH! SteppnOutWithABounce wins the Cal State Futurity! 

  • FLASH! After being sold as a yearling, the Sanga family has re-acquired "Rascal" as a 3yo. WOW! What a beauty! He has matured to look remarkably like Bouncer, except black instead of bay. At the recent May 10th IBC show, his first since his weanling Futurity Championship, Rascal took Grand Champion Gelding and also won the Color class. Congrats! Rascal is for sale. 

rascal3yo.jpg (18822 bytes) rascal3yoheadsmall.JPG (28386 bytes)

Ultimate Bounce X Cat's Cayenne

Ultimate Impression has Arrived!

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April 10th. Another black! This is a beautifully colored colt, with a blaze, two back pasterns and a LOUD blanket to withers! His owners, Bev Erbeck & family, say he's exactly what they had hoped for. Congratulations!



Ultimate Bounce X Preppie Style

CE The Ultimate Pleasure has Arrived!

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April 18. Finally another filly, and boy, what a beauty! She's a very striking smoky black with a large sno-cap blanket with a dorsal stripe running right through it. She's got a very pretty head, with wide set eyes; very correct long legs and already showing a good hip. Looks like a winner! This filly is bred to be a champion - Mom is a World Champion mare, by Santee Saladin POA ROM Champion, multiple World & International Champion, and out of Suncrest Kandi Bar, Supreme Champion, International and World Champion and Versatility Winner. (And of course, Daddy Ultimate Bounce has a pretty impressive show record, too!) Congratulations Stacy & Dan Lair!

CE The Ultimate Pleasure has been sold! Congrats to Tirzah Cross of OR!


Ultimate Bounce X CAs Sabrina

JBar Bouncin Dot Com has arrived!

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Last but not least, this much anticipated filly finally made her appearance May 4th at 6:45 in the evening. She is a gorgeous tri-colored few-spot leopard, and Bouncer's first homozygous offspring. Owner Jan Loveless of J-Bar Ranch is ecstatic about "the cutest filly EVER!"  The filly has one lone spot on her back, hence the "Dot" in her name, which may or may not be in it's final version. If it changes, I'll let you know. I'd say this filly has "Futurity" written all over her. Jan has purchased the 2005 Select Sire breeding for Bouncer, so there will be a full brother or sister to this beauty coming along (hopefully) next year. Her Dam, CA's Sabrina, was #1 filly in the Nation and well on her way to a Supreme before an injury cut her show career short.  However, it looks like her daughter will pick up where mom left off.  Congratulations, Jan!


dotcomtrailTX.jpg (36983 bytes)

FLASH! This is Dot at a show in Texas at the end of May'06. She's with Nikki Ferwerda in the picture and is in the process of winning her In-Hand Trail class. She also won Yearling Lunge Line. Nikki says she's an excellent mover and will make a great rail pony. Her dam, CA's Sabrina is being rebred for an '07 foal.

FLASH!  JBar Bouncin Dot Com won the Yearling LongeLine class at the July 2006 International!! Congratulations J-Bar Ranch and Jan B. Loveless, owner, and Nikki Ferwerda who showed Dot to her Championship. 

FLASH!   Dot did it again! At the 2006 National Futurities in Des Moines, she was the Over-All High Point Yearling, winning the John Kennedy Memorial Yearling Triad Award. This Award combines the scores from Yearling Lungeline, Halter and In-Hand-Trail for an Over-All Championship. Congratulations!

Please see Skyrock Updates for more info on Dot's Show Career!


We are very happy with Bouncer's first crop! He was 50/50 with colts and fillies, and five of the six foals were colored, four of the five loudly. Every foal has a beautiful head and lovely conformation, and all are showing Bouncer's great movement. We hope you will consider Bouncer for your mare this season - with this kind of offspring in his first limited crop, you don't want to miss out on next year's gorgeous foals!


SCOREBOARD FOR 05/06/07/08/09/10/11/12/14



                                        4 bay with blankets w/spots            3 black with blankets w/spots

                                         2 black sno-caps                                  2 black leopards

                                         2 chestnut leopards                       1 black few spot                                  

                                                           2 bay few spots                             1 bay few-cap                                      

                                                           1 bay tri-colored leopard              1 chest. roan w/blanket & spots  

                                         1 bay snowflake                                        1 sorrel blanket w/spots 

                                         1 chestnut blanket w/spots             1 chestnut blanket

                                         1 sorrel few-cap (lost)                          1 sorrel w/flax & blanket

                                        1 mahogany bay ID                                   1 sorrel ID w/char. & specks

                                        1 ch. roan ID w/char. & specks       2 sorrel snow-caps

                                        1 bay ID w/characteristics               1 black roan w/frost

                                        1 buckskin loud leopard                 1 dun ID (AQHA dam)

                                         1 buckskin ID (AQHA dam)                 1 black roan with blanket and spots


13 bay base.....11 black base.....12 sorrel/chestnut base

 and 9 homozygous!

That's 90% color production (3 of 36 are true solid)

AND nearly 1/3 homozygous production



If you are interested in any of the foals on this page, please contact us here at Skyrock and we will be happy to put you in touch with the owners.